Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Chaos Comes in Small Packages...Brush Slave 1 Round 8

The end of October saw the wrap up of the first Round of the inaugural year of the Brush Slave League over on CDO.  The theme for the Final round of this contest was "Thank You CDO"....so we were encouraged to paint a team that includes Chaos Dwarfs.  This was a great opportunity for me to paint up a couple more of Clam's Excellent Ewal Dvergar as well as a Marauder MM90.

As always with these figures they were a lot of fun to paint....Here is the team I painted up....the one in the middle is a very special case...more on him later

Clam CD on left, Johann in the middle and Marauder MM90 on the right
For this post I will focus on the figures on either side of this picture.  First the MM90.  This is a figure I picked up in a mixed lot of Chaos Dwarfs...and I got him fairly cheap...probably due to the fact that his horns have been clipped and modified...here is what the figure originally looked like

Original Catalog Image
And here are some close ups of my version of this particular figure.

My horns are bent but I'm still a mean Motha!
With the other two figures having fairly dark color armor I decided to use this figure with a much lighter yellow tan color...I like it!  I wasn't sure until the absolute final highlight but in the end I'm happy with the way it turned out.  You can see that I have employed one of the Goblin shields that came with the seperate icons...this one always struck me as more "chaos" than "goblin" plus its a great size for these figures. (BTW I could use about 8-10 more of these if anyone has extras!)

The next figure is one of Clam's excellent Ewal Dvergar.  This one went together very easily and needed no gap filling and only a little bit of clean-up.  I had painted one of the MM90s with a purple armor color more than a year ago and was never really happy with it...so this was a chance to redeem myself with this color.  Since that first figure I have acquired a couple of Vallejo Model Colors paints that cover the Purple range pretty well.  These seemed to have worked better than the Reaper Master Series purples I used on the previous figure.  Anyway...here he is.

I Love this guys Mace!
Here is this last guy with the other Ewal Dvergar I painted up a few months ago...they are looking tough!

You know I had originally thought of these guys as "add-ons" to my MM90 unit...but now I'm thinking that they might be their own group..:)

So...obviously this is only two of the three figures that was included in this Brush Slave Team....the third...Johann...well...he is worthy of his own blog post...so you will just have to wait a few days!





  1. Hi Blue, like allready said they look lovely :)

    I know I am all over the Place, posting here, posting over in the Brewery, but I need to know, whats your Recipe for the Gold? I really love the Look and I am struggling with Gold.

  2. Blue,

    These look great!!! I'm going to have to start look for MM90 Chaos dwarves now......thanks. I am really liking Clam's figures as well. I might have to see if he has any left. Anyway enough rambling. Really like the colors, however the tan is my favorite. I really like how he turned out.

  3. Thanks guys...

    @Legacy...I'm pretty lazy with my metals...for Gold I base coat the area with a medium brown (VMC Chocolate Brown) then paint all but the deepest recesses with a coat of Gold. from there I highlight with 50% Gold 50% Mithril Silver, and finally with 25% Gold and 75% Mithril Silver. and last of all I give it a wash with Gryphone Sepia. Thats all there is to it.

    Let me know if you have questions.