Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Its the Happiest time of the Year!!! Oldhammer Season!!! Part II

Hello all...and welcome back.

Today we are off to Monolith-Con...a small gathering of hardcore Oldhammer geeks enthusiasts that takes place in an undisclosed location deep in the middle of a corn field somewhere in the Midwestern United States...

This amazing event saw three straight days packed with gaming...we Gamed...we ate...we gamed some more...we slept for a few hours and we did it all again.

It was Glorious!!!

Here are some shots of the amazing action taking place.

Ambulls on the Rampage!!!

Beatmen Advance!

Chaos Dwarf War Ponies prepare to charge

Cold One Cavalry wedge

Feeling Crabby...

ooohhh...sparkly!!!! :)

Dark Elf Battle line

Imperial Dread

Dwarf Army Prepares to receive the attack of Black Vasken!

Lots of rules lawyering...sigh

Troll Slayers Advance to make their destinies!

The most Oldhammer thing EVA!!!


Next time Vasken!!! Next time...

Cheers for now!