Friday, November 4, 2016

The Marquis has Arrived...

Hi all,

Long time no see!

Thanks for stopping by!  I actually have a painted figure to share with you today!

My painting Mojo has been at a low ebb for the last three months...but the prospects of some 3rd ed gaming in my near future have motivated me to actually get something done!

For the upcoming gaming I hope to run my Bretonnian army again...and it has been lacking in mounted the focus of my painting efforts was to complete the General for my force...the Marquis de Saud-or! 

...Also known as Sir Great Helm...:)

As you can see I have decided to use the 5th ed Grail Knight Champion as my general.  I find most of the Grail knight figures from this release to be a bit over the top...but I think this figure works great when elevated to Nobility.  To add a bit of interest I decided to mount him on the horse from the Green Knight.  This mount features much more elaborate barding and a rearing pose than the regular knights and that will help the Marquis stand out from the riff-raff.

I'm embarrassed to say that I picked the components to complete this figure as far back as 2012!!!  So it has only taken me 4 years to get this 

Below are a series of WIP shots if you are interested to see how tings progressed.

Purple has always been one of my least favorite colors to paint...but I'm feeling pleased with the way it has turned out on this figure. 

I'll be working up some photos with him and his troops when I get a chance.

It is also time for me to write up the fluff for this army which I have had rolling around in my head for quite a while. 

...these will be the subjects of future blog posts....