Monday, January 31, 2022

The Knights Errant join the Armee of the Marquis

 Hi all,

Work has continued apace on the new unit of Knights Errant that I'm looking to add to my Bretonnian army for use in both Oldhammer games as well as Oathmark. 

These guys were a lot of fun to paint and also quite a challenge.  There is a LOT of fabric to shade properly on the horses themselves, and the sculpting on the faces of some of the troopers is a little soft and proved difficult for me to complete to my satisfaction.  In reality the sculpts are probably fine but I'm long out of practice on painting the fairly gracial faces of humans in comparison to the exaggerated features found on goblin, orc and dwarf figures.

...either way...they are done now and its time to move on.

Here is the whole unit and below are individual shots of the unit members.


Sunday, January 9, 2022

Unit Building: Foot Knights for the Armee of the Marquis

 Hello all!

I had a substantial break in my painting flow with the advent of the holidays this year...which involved me traveling back to the midwest for a week without painting supplies!

Our return to Vermont has coincided with some of the coldest days of the year so far and therefore I have the wood stove burning and the ceiling fans on...this leads to very poor painting conditions due to the dry air from the wood heat and breeze from the fans I can hardly keep my wet palette living up to its name for long! 

So...long story short...I'm still plugging away on the unit of Knights Errant.  I think they are looking very good and I'm get close to done. But I've been using these very dry days to focus on my getting my next units of figures ready for the painting desk once the knights trot off into the distance seeking adventure.

I've decided to add some more infantry to the Armee with the addition of two units of Foot Knights.  One unit with heavy armor, and shields, armed with hand weapons.  And one unit in heavy Armor, armed with great weapons.  I've been collecting the Foot Knights that Citadel released in the short lived 3rd edition Bretonnian release for a number of years and have acquired quite a few.  I've decided to add to this and fill out the units with some of the excellent Claymore Castings figures.  These modern castings fit very well with the 3rd edition Perry Bros. sculpted foot knights and add a bit of "movement" to the unit as some of them are dynamically posed in comparison to Citadel knights.

Here are the Great Weapon Knights, I will use them as Linebreakers in Oathmark and as Foot Knights in Oldhammer Games.