Monday, April 28, 2014

LPL Round 5: Sea Peoples Raiding Party

Well...I've managed to make it to the mid point of this years how time flies!  One of the great things about the LPL is that it sometimes forces you to paint outside your comfort zone.  For Round 5 the theme was: Ancients.... as you are well aware I have a mass of lead in my man cave...but it does not contain a single "Ancients" miniature. luck would have it I just concluded an agreement with a kind gentleman from the Oldhammer Forum to paint some figures that fit the bill quite nicely.  LadAsbestos sent me a great group of miniatures to work on and among them were these five Sea Peoples Warriors...I beleive they are from Foundry.  They turned out to be a joy to they are!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

LPL Round 4: Chaos Comes to Town...

Howdy all,

Time for the weekly update on the LPL.  The last weeks "competition" has been the closest contest I have ever been involved in....and is perhaps the closest in recent LPL history.  When I last checked nearly 500 votes had been cast and the two teams were still within 3 votes of each other.  As of Friday ...midday...we were tied!  My team was up against that of Professor Witchheimer...who I consider one of the best painters and photographers in the LPL...his entries are consistently of VERY high I'm quite happy that my team is even holding its own against such talent.

Anyway...on with the show.  This was a un-themed I dug into some work that I've been meaning to do for many months...some more Chaos figures for my CDO compatriot Hashuts Little Helper (HlH).  The three chaos warriors in this team are a continuation of some painting I did for HlH more than a year ago ...where he sent me some painted Marauder MM90 Chaos dwarfs and I painted the Chaos Warriors that inspired colors similar to his MM90 color choices.  The two citadel chaos dwarfs on this team are a part of a small batch of a few other figures I agreed to paint for HlH. they are as a team...

Now let's look at the three warriors and their corresponding MM90s...

First up are the copper twins...

Here I stuck very close to the "source material" that HlH sent to me...even down to shield selection.  Luckily this is a CW that can pull off the smaller shield....which comes from the Marauder chaos/undead sprue.

Next we have the Blue meanies...

Again I tried to mimic the color of the CD fairly closely....and again I turned to my stash of marauder shields to give this guy a bit of protection.  I picked this particular shield because I felt that the bull skull motif mirrored the shape of the horns on the warrior helmet...also this CW can handle a much larger shield than the copper one.

Finally we have the Pinks...

As you can see HlH used metallic pink for his CD...and I did some experimenting with making my own pink metallic paint....and those experiments didn't go well.   

So after consulting with HlH I went for a non metallic finish for the armor.  Still I was quite nervous about trying to pull off this much pink as it was not a color I have used much in the past.  And right up till the final layer I was convinced that I was going to have to start over...but something about that final highlight pulled the whole paint job together.  Now I can't wait to try this color again on a few of my own figures!

The two citadel chaos dwarfs on this team also deserve some mention as they are both great figures in their own right.  

This guy just looks like a loony!

And this guy just looks....well...awesome....the leather thigh high leggings and the big glaive thingie make him one of my new favorite chaos dwarf sculpts.

So they they are....Team four....they've done me right this week no matter who finally comes out with the most votes.

Cheers for now!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

An Oldschool Project to check out....

This is just a quick heads up to let people know about a OldSchool style project that one of the members of the OldHammer Forum has begun.  Diego Serrate…aka The Obscure Creator…a Very talented sculptor …has been working on a number of retro-flavored figures.  OC is now at the point where he is hoping to get some initial pre-orders up for his first completed sculpt…a Space Minotaur!  The proceeds from this pre-order will be used to get this figure cast up and to help defray the upfront costs of the other sculpts which are WIP but nearly complete.

Lets take a look at what he has been working on.  First up is the figure up for Pre-order…the Space Mino…I’m absolutely picking one of these up to include in my Chaos Renegade boarding party.  Here are a few pics.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dragon Bait Miniatures...a New Indiegogo Campaign with an OldSkool Feel

I just decided to jump onboard the new Indiegogo campaign that Orlygg recently discussed on his blog here...Dragon Bait Miniatures.  I really like the look of the Greens that are now on display...and knowing the Kevin Adams is doing the sculpting allows me to feel confident that the remainder will be just as nice.

My little group of gamers have really been enjoying some low stress dungeon crawling over the last couple of months...but sadly most of the hundreds of figures I already have don't really fit well in a dungeon exploring roll.  They look too much like soldiers!  I think that these will give a much better representation of characters for these types of games.  The concept art and displayed greens show a very oldskool feel that doesn't take itself too seriously....I mean a Halfling Barbarian...with a turkey can you not love that?!?!

Lets take a look at some of the greens that Kev has produced....

Here is the aforementioned Halfling Barbarian and an excellent looking Cleric.

And here are a few of their other freinds and co-workers...all look fantastic IMO.

I'm quite excited to give these a once over with the hairy wand when they find their way to my castle...



Sunday, April 13, 2014

LPL Round 3: Muster Troops Forward!

Time for another update about the ongoing LPL.  Voting for Round 3 has wrapped up and Round 4 is now underway so I can share with you my Round 3 Entry.

I returned to my Muster Troops from Alternative Armies for another team...this time including the Squad Leader and another heavy weapon.  Here is my entry Photo.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

LPL Round 2: Jenkins! Get over here! Alternative Armies Muster Troops

Hi all,

Just a quick note today to share with you the figures I used for Round 2 of the LPL.  This was the first un-themed round so I moved forward with trying to get some troops done for my growing 40k project.  For this purpose I painted up a team of not-Imperial guard troops using the excellent Muster Troops Figures from Alternative Armies Ion Age Range.

I attempted to imply a bit of a "story" with my team photo even though it is just on a gradient background...hence the name of the is my entry pic.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

"...And There was Much Rejoicing!!" A Trifecta of Collecting Goals Achieved in a Single Day!

Well...this was quite a day on the collecting front for me.  As I get closer and closer to achieving my collecting goals, checking off major "accomplishments" in this quest is becoming  less frequent and more difficult.  And that's why today was an "Blog Post Worthy Day."  As the Title of this post suggests today I was able to finally check off no less that three of my major collecting goals!

Lets take a look.

The first I alluded to in a post on the Oldhammer Forum....It is one of few Reference Books I did not have in my collection...

What is that in there?  It sure is well packed!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ewal Dvergar "Unit Shots"

Building on my last post which featured the Ewal Dvergar that I painted up for Round one of the LPL... here are a few pictures of all the Ewal Dvergar that I have painted up to now.  In total I have 9 of these fantastic figures painted (though a few are still missing shields) order to round out the unit to two nice ranks of 5 I have also included the MM90/WK conversion that I refer to as the "Green Knight"...though I've stuck him in the back rank.

While this isn't a huge unit its starting to look pretty good!  I had orginally thought that I would mix in Clam's sculpts with my MM90s to make a big after seeing these guys all together...I'm thinking I need two units :)  One of MM90s and one of Ewal Dvergar! are the pics.