Tuesday, April 8, 2014

LPL Round 2: Jenkins! Get over here! Alternative Armies Muster Troops

Hi all,

Just a quick note today to share with you the figures I used for Round 2 of the LPL.  This was the first un-themed round so I moved forward with trying to get some troops done for my growing 40k project.  For this purpose I painted up a team of not-Imperial guard troops using the excellent Muster Troops Figures from Alternative Armies Ion Age Range.

I attempted to imply a bit of a "story" with my team photo even though it is just on a gradient background...hence the name of the team...here is my entry pic.

As you can see I stuck pretty close to my Test Paint scheme that I shared a few weeks ago.  I simplified the camo and pant color a little but am still happy with the results.

Test Paint Scheme.
This is also the first use I've made of the plastic bases from Champ Industries.  These are plastic bases...and are a great alternative to much more expensive resin bases.  I gave these a down a dirty PJ...just a dark gray base coat that was highlighted with a much lighter gray and then a fairly heavy wash with Army Painter Dark Shade Ink.  Done.  I may go back and add some color to the bases in the future...

...but probably won't...:)

Anyway...here is another view of the team.  this time without the implied story and therefore I could zoom in on the figures a bit more to show their details.

Cheers for now

...back to the painting desk!



  1. These look great. The camo scheme is unusual for sci-fi and works really well. I'm really looking froward to watching this project grow.

  2. The painting is great. The slightly goofy sculpts have a lot of charm and look like fun to paint. Cool stuff.

  3. Very good ! I 'm pretty sure the asgard space marines (sold by AA too) could be great additions to those (not entirely sure about the scale though).
    They look superb.

  4. Thanks again guys...I really enjoy these guys on all levels. Some of the castings were a bit rough but most were in great shape. I'm quite excited about having these (and hopefully and op for as well) ready to roll when my battle systems terrain shows up in the early summer!

  5. Excellent looking, like the camo and the general overall paint scheme. I have had some of these for years and only basically painted them and never really bothered with them. However looking at yours gives them a new lease of life. Removing the solid bases really helps.
    Great work.