Monday, September 30, 2013

Simple green...that's purple!?!?

Hello all!

Another long delay between posts...I've been away on field work for the last week and haven't had any time for posts...sorry about that.  So, I just got home and wanted to put something up real goes...

A couple of weeks ago I was picking up some supplies for my kids sandbox at Home Depot...I was paying with a gift card and it was going to have like $15 left on it so to use up the remaining balance I went in search of some Simple Green preferred paint stopper.  In the Simple Green display I also found this:

And I thought to myself..."could this possibly be better than Simple does say heavy duty and it has to be better!"  So in the cart it went...

....and you know what?   It is better.  When I got home I dropped a few eBay wins in this new cleaner and in less than 24 hours the old paint brushed off easier and more cleanly than they would have if soaked in Simple Green for the same amount of time.  In fact I would go so far as to say I have a favorite new stripping works's biodegradable, virtually odorless,  easy on the hands, and it comes in a big jug!  What's not to like?

If you can find some around you ...give it a try!



Monday, September 23, 2013

Bret Knight update 1

Howdy all,

I just wanted to post a couple of WIP pictures of the unit of Brettonian knights that I've had sitting on my desk for many weeks.  I've been having trouble deciding what colors I should use on them and how involved I wanted the heraldry to be.  In the end I opted to go for fairly basic designs using all the colors that were employed in my other units.  This will give the whole force a bit of coherency but still allow the knights to stand out a bit from the peasant rabble.

As you will recall with the other units of this army I used a Dark Green and a Dark Blue as the unifying colors...and then each unit had a tertiary color to make them unique.  So added to the blue and the green are: gray, salmon orange, brick red, golden yellow and to brighten things up I will also employ some white. 

So this weekend I managed to get the base colors on all the knights (except the general)...just breaking the inertia and getting moving on these feels really good and I think they will look very nice in a big unit.

Here is where I am at this point



Monday, September 16, 2013

Bret Warband Group Shots

Hello all!

This weekend I was feeling pretty low about the number of painted figures I've been able to add to the "completed pile" over the last few I decided to finally get a few decent group shots of Bretonnian warband.  These are rather hasty fancy background and you can see my hobby surface as their battlefield....but I think they still make an impressive looking force. getting them all set up and pretty looking made me feel a bit better about my output for the year. they are

I need a bigger backdrop!!!

This ones more of an "enemies POV"
Close up 1
Close up 2

Thats all for now...I hope to have new material to post soon!



Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Never leave a man behind!

As I mentioned on my recent post about the Retained Knights from Alternate Armies I used to have a fairly sizable force of RT space marines....I got them way back in the foggy times of the late 80s.

Ah those were the days....I remember putting together an order with some friends when the US mail order arm if GW was selling off over stock...for about $40 we got more than a hundred metal 40 k figures.  They weren't packaged or anything...just loose in a box.  Anyway my share was several squads if marines.

Sadly I made the stupid decision to sell these on more than a year ago when I had no interest in RT and needed the money for other shiny bits...sigh 

So today I'm digging thru some boxes and came across the one left behind...and one of the few I ever painted...

I guess the rest if the squad didn't feel that going back for the gene seed of novice Smyth was worth the risk...

Everyone told him to wear a helmet!  Damn noob wouldn't listen...



Saturday, September 7, 2013


Should I ? .....or should I not?!

He would look great with my Oldhammer Day Golden Gobo entry....

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Simple Green to the Rescue!

Just a quick update.... pile of painted eBay purchases was getting quite large so I had put it into a beaker of Simple Green a couple of weeks ago before heading out on holiday.  Today I scarfed down my lunch and used the rest of my break to do the work with the tooth brush.  Many of these will be making it into my various forces...others will be coming to a sale thread near you soon!

The Whole lot

The new Core of my Renegades Force (BTW stripping those back packs is Pain in the ass!)

Some Fire power and odds and ends for my Brets
A whole mess of Marauder Longbeards
This last picture shows the begining of a unit that I will be adding to my Brettonians...I've always felt that these longbeard models didn't really fit with the Puff and Slash style "empire" dearfs that most of the Marauder range fact I sold a whole unit of these more than a year ago for just that reason.  But as I was looking at them again the other day I thought they would fit nicely with the Brets I've been working on lately.  These will represent the warriors supplied by the dwarven minning interests to their local noble...the Brettonian general.  Luckily I found a good BIN sale on eBay and got more than I need for the R&F I just need to track down the standard and find a leader for this unit...

...oh yeah...and paint them...:)

Cheers for now!