Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Reiksguard Unit Complete!!

 For my January submission to the Call of the Crown painting challenge I have produced a unit of 15 Reiksguard knights to act as the elite heavily armored warriors of Salzburg. 

This unit consists of all metal Reiksguard models from the 1991 release with the Armored Halberd hero added as the leader of the unit because I think he fits stylistically. The "original" hero of this unit has been demoted to unit Champion and he sports the golden armor to recognize his considerable skill.

Here is the complete unit...

...and here is a look at the individual ranks...

Front Rank

Second Rank

Third Rank

For shields I chose to use one from the old Marauder Fighter shield sprue...which has also supplied shields for my Bretonian halberdmen (the stag shield), and there are still plenty more options that I'll employ where needed in this army.  For example I'll probably use a different one from this sprue for my spear unit.

For the unit banner I have combined the two common elements of the other Salzburg Regimental banners.  The human units tend to incorporate the "Imperial eagle" motif, and the dwarf units tend to display the "Mountain and sunburst" emblems.  As this unit will represent the Warrior elite of Salzburg it incorporates both elements into one banner.  In hindsight I should have put the white eagle on a red background instead of it would contrast with the other half of the flag better...but oh well.

I do have the figures to increase this unit to 20 troops...but they would be non-traditional Reiksguard figures from the Marauder fighters range, and one classic Citadel foot knight...what do you all think about incorporating these guys into these classic models? I can't stand the idea of inserting any more copies of the existing these would bring a certain amount of "diversity" to the ranks.

Next up I'll be moving onto another unit of halberds and some missile support for these infantry units.