Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bood-Wargames Dwarfs...Infantry models...A Sneak Peek

Howdy all!

I'm back with an actual hobby update this time!  Despite the lack of evidence in the form of blog posts about it...I have actually been getting some painting done...though field commitments and RL have certainly made the going slow.

But I wanted to take the chance to share some pictures of the two dwarfs I have been painting.  These figures come from the Bood-Wargames collection of Dwarf warriors.  These figures have not been generally released yet (but after a fair amount of begging on my part) Edouard, the nice gentleman who is Bood-Wargames, consented to send me a few sculpts before release so I could slap some paint on them.  Bood is planing on a Crowd funding campaign for these lovely sculpts later this year.  

Here are the two I have painted up so far...better detail shots down below

As you can see from the pictures they are designed and sculpted in a medieval manner (as opposed to the excellent Renaissance/Puff and Slash sculpts of the White Knight range) with a strong nod to the classic line of Citadel Imperial dwarfs.  The sculpting was done by John Pickford and the detail is exceptional.  These all come with separate weapon arms which allow some variability between troops.  The weapon options include maces, axes, swords, hammers, spears etc.  I have chosen to arm the group I have been supplied with with hand weapons and shields...though I can certainly see adding a small unit of spear-men to my army in the future.  As you can see the shields are also separate and and I have chosen to photograph these without them so you can get a good look at the sculpts.

Assembly of these figures was quite simple and did not require pinning.  There was also very minimal flash or mold lines.  Here are some pics of these two primed so you can see some more of the detail.  

While I had intended to only assemble these two for the moment ...the work was so easy that I ended up putting all of the infantry models that Bood supplied to me together over the course of an evening.  as you can see this is already shaping up to be a fantastic unit!

As mentioned above there is certainly a strong Imperial Dwarf vibe to these sculpts and as such I felt it obliatory to take a scale comparison shot as well.  I think they fit perectly!

And now for the Glamour shots.  These two figures were fun and fast to paint up.  The sculpts are fairly straight forward with lots of cloth, chainmail, and beard...minimal flesh exposed.  They are not covered with all the fiddly bits often seen on modern sculpts...which in my mind is a good thing.  That said Bood has included a number of small bits that can be attached to figures to further individualize them...things like helmets, daggers, mugs etc.

Anyway...they are great and you should keep an eye out for the upcoming crowd funding campaign!  I certainly will be!

Now, these are just a couple of the infantry models...Bood has also commissioned a range of mounted dwarfs and some special mounted characters.  These are VERY exciting and look fantastic...please stop by his Blog to see some examples of those.  It can be found HERE.  I hope to have an example or two of those painted up soon.

Cheers for now!


Monday, May 25, 2015

Oldhammer in the New World 2015

Howdy all!

Well its time to start spreading the WORD!

The planning for Oldhammer in the New World 2015 is in full swing and its time to start getting people excited about it!

Yes!  I'm talking to You!

"What is Oldhammer in the New World?" You say...

OHNW is wonderful opportunity for us gamers stuck in the New World Colonies to get together for weekend of gaming, painting, and enjoyment of all things Oldhammer.

Basically its a time when we can all fly our Freak Flags high and hang out with a bunch of folks doing the same thing at the same time....yes...its the Nirvana of Oldhammer in this part of the world! :)

This year the event is being held at the Days Inn in Allentown, Pennsylvania and runs Friday through Sunday August 7th-9th.  With this location we will have access to one of their Conference rooms for the entire weekend.  Starting Friday morning we will have this space straight through until Sunday evening.  That means we can game 24 hrs a day if we want to!

So...What will we be doing for all that time?

That's a great Question!

Basically the sky is the limit.  The room we have reserved has plenty of space and there will be enough tables to accommodate most any Oldhammer experience.  And most importantly...if we can drum up enough interest...there will be enough Oldhammerers just begging for someone to game with.  Something that is not a common occurrence in my neck of the wood...So Bring your figures...Bring your rule books...Bring your dice...and most importantly bring your good attitude to Allentown and lets have a game!  (My dwarfs are itching to stomp on your [insert appropriate army name here]!! Will you rise to the occasion?  Or cower in fear of their wicked sharp axes?)

With all this space there will be considerable opportunity for open gaming and pick up matches between interested parties...but that's not all...oh no!  Not by a long shot!

The planning group for this years even have also lined up a number of events and games that will be running through out the weekend.  These will give folks the opportunity to observe Oldhammer in the wild, participate if they are interested, and possibly make something fun to take home for yourself if you are so inclined.

Lets take a look at some of the planned activities for Friday! (these are all subject to change in the run up to the event...and hopefully additional activities will be added as interested parties make their voices heard)

The centerpiece event of OHNW 2015 will be a weekend long Siege pitting an enormous force of Greenskins against an only slightly smaller number of Empire troops who have opted to (mostly) hide behind some formidable defenses in hopes of extending their puny lives a little longer.  This game will be run by the venerable Orclord of SOL fame and he will supply the troops for both forces from his impressive collection. This Game will kick off at Noon and will continue through the entire weekend.

Also on Friday one of our members will be running several versions of his Bretonnian Frog Hunt game...a GM'd warband-level skirmish game which pits Bret nobles and their retinues against each other and the murderous frogs they hope to have for dinner.  All figures and terrain are supplied for these games as well as a prize for the most successful frog hunter in each game.

Bulldog Lopez (aka "he-of-three-names") will be running a Rogue Trader Demo game all afternoon on Friday as well.  He anticipates being able to run two sessions before the day is through and will have terrain and figures that can be used, though he is also open to GM-ing a "bring and battle" type of game if there is interest/availability.  So load up those bolters and bring out your RT posse.

And Gaming isn't the only planned event going on.  There will also be an Arts&Crafts table set up that will allow participants to design and construct their own Deodorant Tube Hover Tank...a necessity for any proper RT game.  Limited supplies will be available until they run out so bring what you can if you want to take home a tank after the weekend.

Those are the planned events for Friday but there will also be space for open gaming and grudge matches if needed.  There will also be a trade table...and hopefully a vendor or two present.


The activities will kick off Saturday morning with plenty of open gaming, the trade table and vendors and the acceptance of miniatures for the Event Painting Contest being managed by Adyer.  The painting contest this year will have three categories 1) Single Figure 2) Large Figure and 3) Vintage Figure.  Participants will vie for the honor of winning the Golden Oldhammer Award!

Saturday will see the continuation of the centerpiece Siege game run by Orclord.  Its is hope that by this point the Greenskin hoard will be attempting to break into the Empire fortifications and coming to grips with their Imperial foe.

In addition to the Fantasy siege game there will also be a large Rogue Trader 40k game taking place on Saturday...called Remember the New Alamo!!  This game will find a large horde of Orks commanded by Santa Orka attempting to destroy the uppity Imperials hiding behind the defenses of the New Alamo.  The center piece of this table will be a fairly accurate reproduction of the historic Alamo....but there will be lasers! (pew pew pew)  This is guaranteed to be a wonderful game.

There will also be ample opportunity for pick up games and grudge matches through out the day.

And if you are in a crafty mood...and managed to build a Deoderant Tube Tank on Day 1 of the event there will be time and some materials available to paint up you hover tank.

As the day wears on toward dinner we will have the announcement of the Painting Competition winners...and

the after dinner hours of Saturday will also be open pick up battles and the like but there will also be a large selection of Specialist games available for a quick game among friends.  A number of these "big Box" games will be available for gaming...or bring your own and have a blast crushing your opponent.

Sunday will find the Big table over seen by Orclord bringing the epic fantasy siege game to a close...the winner will celebrate their victory amongst the bones of their foes!

The conclusion to the Arts and Crafts events for the weekend will culminate in an all out Deoderant Tank Deathmatch with all worthy opponents fighting for the title of "top tank!"

 The other centerpiece event of Sunday will the the Warhammer Fantasy Battles Grand Melee! Gm'd by yours truly.  this is your chance to bring your fantasy army and get it on the table with many others in a true Battle Royale!

Of course the trading table and any vendor tables will also be open and hopefully doing brisk business.

The craziness of the weekend is expected to wind down by early evening on Sunday as we all pack up our kit and head home to lick our wounds and begin dreaming of future OHNWs.

So there you have it a full weekend to exciting Oldhammery goodness.  All we need to make it truly great is for you to attend!

Here are the details on how to get a ticket, where to find the venue etc.

The event is being organized through this Facebook page:

Tickets can be reserved through this web site:

and the hotel and event sight can be found here:
Days Inn 3400 Airport Rd Allentown, Pennsylvania 18109 

I hope to see as many of you there as should be a truly epic weekend!



OHOHOHOH  wait wait wait!!!  I alomost for got to mention that all paying attendees will also receive a copy of our event Mini...Pyscho Sam!  A Dark Future inspired 28mm figure sculpted by Mark Copplestone and based on original art by Bulldog Lopez! Have alook!

He's a total bad ass right!?  Look like he just stepped out of the new Mad Max movie!

Ok...cheers for now


Friday, May 1, 2015

Blue's Most Wanted...

Howdy all,

Life continues to keep me from getting much accomplished on the hobby front...though I have not been completely idle and hope to have something substantive to show for it soon.

However I have not been completely idle on the collecting front.  Luckily for me my wants list is getting pretty short.  On the downside the last 10% of any collection takes 90% of the time to find...

So in an effort to move that process a little further down the road to completion I thought I would put up a quick post showing my Most Wanted Miniatures! 

To kick things off I have only one last Chaos Centaur to find to finish that range...I'm really excited to get some paint on the ones I have and finding the last one will certainly give me some motivation to get them started!

Next up is another Chaos model...this time from Marauder.  Though I am not a big fan of their chaos steeds I do like their warriors and this one has proven very difficult to track down.

I'm also trying to track down the last three mounted squires from the 5th edition Bretonnian range...Though these guys are not technically "Oldhammer" assured that they will be used with 3rd ed rules!
In addition to the 5th ed Bret models there are still quite a few of the 3rd ed Brets that are proving a real challenge to track down...specifically in the Brigands and Mounted Yeoman ranges.

On the Dwarf front I have nearly everything that I "need" except for a few outliers.  In particular the casualty figure on the bottom of this picture is one I'm hoping to find before I rehab my Prince Ulther's Dragon Company.

I seem to have a strange affinity for casualty models and while I have assembled quite a few of the unfortunate...there are still many I'm hunting down.  These Norse ones being a good example...but if you have any damaged warriors of any race that you are looking to move on let me know!

And nemesis figures...the last three Marauder Wolf Riders I need to complete my set.  I know you have heard me moan and cry about these before...but they still elude me.  I have been actively searching for these guys for at least 3 years now with no luck.  If you have even one of these let me know....I'll make it worth your while!!! (shuddup Chico!)

In case it helps here are some additional pictures of these three.

Though I'm sure other desires will arise in the future if I can secure even a few of these elusive figures I will be much closer to fulfilling my main collecting goals.

If you can help in anyway please let me know!