Monday, October 28, 2019

Imperial Army of Salsburg, Dwarf Corps, Crossbows

Hi all,

This is what I hope is the start of a string of posts about the Imperial Army of Salsburg, Dwarf Corps.  Today we start with a look at two units of missile support troops for the this case Crossbows.

The Salsburg Dwarf Corps is composed of both troops from Salsburg proper (Guard) and also troops from the areas immediately surrounding the great city (Yeoman).  While both regions produce excellent troops for the Corps there are often stylistic differences in dress between the two.  The Guard troops from Salsburg itself have more thoroughly adopted the Puff and Slash influences of the Imperial style of dress.  The Yeomanry troops from the surrounding towns and villages tend to employ the same colors as their city counterparts but with less flash and more practicality (at least to their mind).

It is between the two units of crossbow armed troops that this stylistic difference is most apparent.

The Salsburg Guard crossbows are decked out in the finest puff and slash kit that silver can buy and the troops are as proud of it as they are their own beards!

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Chaos Renegade...Squad 3...number 8

Hi all,

Well...I had fully intended to start bombarding you with posts about the puff and slash dwarfs...but I've gotten sidetracked again.  After completing the last two Renegades...and receiving a couple of new paints in the mail...I decided to crank out one more...just one more! :)

I recently chatted with one of my painting heroes, Stone Cold Lead, when he mentioned the purple recipe he recently used for the Ion Age Retained Knights...and I immediately ordered the paints he recommended and I decided to give it a try.  Purple has been one of my long term problem colors...and I hoped this was the info I needed to get over that hurdle.

For my first attempt with this new color I chose one of the classic Renegade sculpts, Three Eyes!

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Chaos Renegade...Squad 3...numbers 6 and 7

Hi all,

After a marathon of Puff and Slash dwarf painting (much more about this to come) I decided to take a brief break from that and finished up two additional Renegade Marines for the 3rd squad.

The first of these is one of those crazy bright paint jobs that I love to explore with the Renegade models....the second is much more subdued.

This one is one of the Heavy Weapons marines that is rocking a wicked cool visor...which became a bit of a hang up for me in the painting process.  I had had the majority of this figure painted for several months...just the visor was holding me up.  But after chatting with some talented folks I'm lucky enough to know, I developed a plan for conquering the visor and I dove in!  In the end it was fairly straight forward and not as complicated as I had feared.

So here he is...Heavy weapon number two for this squad and trooper number 6.