Wednesday, August 7, 2019

BOYL 2019....I finally made it! (Pic Heavy)

(Note: this is in no way a comprehensive description of the events going on at Foundry and Warhammer World over the weekend...If I failed to mention you or your wonderful game I slight know I love you all!!! :) )

Well...Its a festivus Miracle!!  I've finally found a way to attend a Bring Out Your Lead (BOYL) event!!  BOYL was the first and is largest of the purely Oldhammer events that happens every year.  It was first held in 2012....and every year since then I have been dissapointed to NOT be able to attend.

...But that all changed this year!  Due to some unexpected life changes in the Blue household the opportunity presented it self and I jumped at the option to attend.  This decision was made rather last minute (2 weeks before the event) but I was able to get a reasonably priced ticket and impose upon my friends Airborne Grove and Bulldog Lopez for transportation and a place to crash.

My BOYL experience actually started at Warhammer World were I joined a number of other Oldhammer compatriots for fantastic Rogue trader Realms of Chaos Warband Rumble...hosted by Colin.