Monday, March 30, 2020

Marauder Wolf Boyz...Part Duex! 4th ed models WIP

Welcome fellow social distancers!!

As my family settles into the new reality of working at home while attempting to home school two young children I've been finding that my painting time, though somewhat more restricted, has become all the more precious.  When I put on my headphones and some good music and have the chance to sit down and paint...that is my chance to escape from the stress of what has become the new "Norm."

So...I've been moving ahead with my second set of Wolf Riders...this time the 4th edition Marauder Wolf riders. While these models are technically outside of my normal definition of "Oldhammer" I've always appreciated the sculpts and decided to build a unit of them for my army.  While I like the rider sculpts I really detest the plastic wolves that these guys were originally supplied with.  In an effort to rid myself of those plastic abominations and "Oldhammer-up" these Middlehammer models I've decided to mount my unit on older Citadel metal wolves...specifically the ones from the Goblin War Chariots.  These are larger than the standard wolves supplied with the 3rd edition citadel Goblin Wolf Riders (which I will be painting after these) but fit well with these slightly larger riders...have a look.

This range contains 16 total unique models and I am currently working on one of each of these 16 figures.  Here is the catalog picture showing all the figures.

And here is where I am with the figures at the moment.  These are still WIP but are coming along quickly now.  I will present them in the same groupings as in the catalog.

Command section

Hand Weapons


...and Spears.

 Next time I hope to showing the finished riders!!!



Friday, March 20, 2020

Goblin Skin Technique.

Hi all,

After my last couple of posts on the Goblin Wolf Riders I've had a couple of people ask me about the recipe I've been using to achieve the Green I pulled together this post while I was in the process of painting up the next bunch of riders. 

I took photos of each step of the process for the lets take a look!!

Here is the subject of the work today...a Marauder MM30 Goblin infantry figure that I've removed the tab from and will be mounting on wolf.  He is pictured here next to the base color for the Skin tone...Vallejo Game Color (VGC) 72.145 Heavy Grey ...which is actually Green...? Ok whatever...its a nice Grey...I mean Green!

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Marauder Wolf Boyz...Additional Riders added

Hell fellow Social Distancers!

Here we are with a second post on my growing Goblin Wold Boy horde.  In addition to the painting the 23 riders from the Marauder MM32/34 range of wolf boys I also painted up a few of the Marauder infantry Goblins from the MM30 range which I "converted" so they could be mounted on wolfs.  Basically all this requires is removing the slotta tab and possibly bending the legs a bit to make them fit.

Here are a few of the archers that I have added to my wolf boy unit which are converted to wolf boys with their associated lines drawings from the catalog.  you can see that they naturally have a fairly wide stance and are therefore pretty simple to convert to mounted troops.

Welcome to the cavalry Boys!!!

One thing that the MM32/34 Marauder range is lacking is unit standard bearer figures, so once again I have "converted" a couple of figures for this purpose.  One of these is a marauder wolf boy who had a broken weapon to start with which I removed and added a banner pole.  The others is a citadel Goblin infantry figure that I felt looked goofy enough to fit with the Marauder wolf riders.

The last two new wolf riders I would like to share with you are also "conversions" from non-wolf riding figures.  The first was originally intended to be mounted on a Giant spider...but I have reduced him to riding on a wolf.  This required only minor leg bending and removal of a few of the spiders that were crawling all over the little devil!  I left a few in place to demonstrate his former affection for arachnids but have reduced the number significantly.

The second of these is the archer from the Marauder Goblin Chariot...and as he has a wide stance he was a perfect fit onto a wolf with little to no modification.

Here they are with their assocaited catalog pic shown after.

I have five more wolf boys on the corks at the moment...four are additionial infantry conversions and the fifth is a duplicate of a mounted archer that I needed to bulk up that unit...but otherwise every model in this grouping will be a unique sculpt!  I'm quite excited about that fact.

Cheers for now.


Sunday, March 15, 2020

Marauder Wolf Boyz...Complete Range of riders!!!

Hi Ya'll,

Finally back with an update.  I'm sure that a lot of you are dealing with similar situations...The COVID-19 thing is running rampant and we were just alerted that my kids school would be closed for at least three weeks and social distancing is a thing now.

So time to play catch up on some hobby related of which will be this Blog.  Might as well get some writing and photography done while I have the chance.

Sadly the plague situation also canceled our planned siege game at Cold Wars this I will have some posts on how that terrain and planning effort played out but for now I'd like get a post up about my latest painting efforts.

Those efforts have been focused on the Marauder MM32/34 Goblin Wolf Riders.  I've managed to tackle the entire range all in one shot and that will be the focus of todays post.

These Wolf Riders have been an obsession of mine for many years...mostly centered on collecting the entire range...and one blister pack in particular took at least four years of active looking to track down.  While the Kev Adams goblin Wolf Riders from Citadel are the ones that most people think of, the Marauder ones have always been my closet favorites and you don't see as many nicely painted samples of those.  (Don't worry, I have a deep love for the Adams ones as well and they will be coming down the pipeline before too long as well.)

As you may remember these wolf riders were an early enough release from Marauder that they were still using lines drawings in their advertisements and "Catalog" ..specifically this set of drawings.

Here are the painted riders displayed in their blister pack groupings with associated Catalog drawings.

 ^^^ This blister pack is the one that took so long to acquire...and in particular the guy on the right who took the full 4 years to locate.

There they the next post we will look at some other wolf riders that I will be adding to this group including some "conversions" and modified models.

Regards to all, stay safe out there all...