Saturday, January 4, 2020

Mini battle board...Cold Wars Planning

Hi all,

After the good time we had at Fall In this year a group of us New World types have been planning an Oldhammer game at Cold Wars next March...and we have decided to play a siege game.

I’ve committed to building the terrain and acting as GM for the game.  And now that the new year is here it’s time to get the ball rolling on this project.  Over the Christmas holidays I spent some time sketching terrain ideas and planning things out.

This started out harmless enough...I made a scale drawing of a 6’x4’ table and drew out a couple of possibilities....

then I decided to make some scale “foot prints” for my various terrain pieces (mighty fortress pieces, buildings, etc) so I could move them around and try different layouts.

 And before too I knew it...I had just gone full nutter and built a full 1/12 scale model of the table I would like to build.

 I even decided to paint it...

Now I just have to pull the pieces together to make the real thing!




  1. Hah!
    Just use that board as is... what would it be, 2mm?

  2. Yep, I think you need to put that in a wee display box!

  3. love it. can’t wait to see what you make of the larger version

  4. Ha ha !! You envisage this project as I love.
    You never waste your time when you make I first try!

  5. That is great! Needs some armies and siege machines though to really get the flavor ;)

  6. that is nuts. looks like you have a nice little "travel battle" board! Can't wait for Cold Wars!