Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fluffy and Fang....two heads are better than one!

The theme for the October painting challenge over on the CDO is "Beast."  So I chose to paint up a Warhoud from Marauder Miniatures...the first of three that will go with their Chaos Warrior handler.

Watch out they drool!



Wednesday, October 26, 2011

And There was MUCH Rejoicing!!!

Howdy all

So since I've gotten back into the hobby after a very long break (15 years or so) I've mostly been collecting and painting...but lately the urge to actually game with my minis has gotten stronger.  However one of the major impediments to having an actual game was the lack of a table to play on...also the lack of money to make one....also the lack of space in which to keep it... :( 

But!  the other day I was looking through our local Craigslist and saw someone offering a folding Ping Pong Table for $30...I thought this would be a great compromise...a big table to game on that folds up fairly small...and a PP table for when the kids are older.  So I called them and they told me I could have it but that it was cracked and wouldn't work for PP I dropped the idea.  Well yesterday the guy gets ahold of me and says I can have it for free if I come get it...I was there in 10min... lol  "Awesome" I thought a huge table to play on (9'x5')...more than big enough for even large games.  So I brought it home...and found that it was a cheap Piece of Crap...and it was wobbly....and as I started to set it up the "crack" turned into this...

 :'( :'( So much for my big table!  But not to be deterred I threw that half of the table away and consolidated all the legs under the remaining half....this made the remaining half MUCH more stable and still left me with a decent size playing surface of 5'x4.5'  Which should be great for Skirmish games and small WFB games (3rd edition of course).  here is what she looks like now

Not too shabby for FREE!!

And Yes I'll have to play in my Garage...but its better than nothing!

Now I just need to come up with some low cost terrain, and some cheap acrylic to paint the table with and I'll be good to go.

Wish me luck!



Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chaos...the BIG and the small...:)

One of the Members of CDO and CCM, who goes by the handle of Hashut's lil Helper (HlH), contacted me a couple of months ago about a trade the discussions continued it became clear that he had a ton of stuff I was interested in...and while I had a few things on my end for him it was far from a square he approached me about doing some commission painting for him to even things out.  The figures he wanted painted were very interesting...As you may or may not know some Marauder's iconic MM90 Chaos dwarfs were modeled after Citadel's classic Chaos Warriors from the mid 1980's...HlH had painted a full collection of MM90s but wanted to create matching Chaos Warriors to go with them...and he asked me to help. 

So after an anxious few days a rather largish box arrived at my door that contained not only our agreed upon trade items but also the Chaos Warriors and the MM90s that HlH wanted me to use as inspiration.  So over the next few weeks I plan on cranking through a few of are the first 5 pairs that I will be working on.
I'm really looking forward to digging into this project...I have currently glued the CWs into their bases and started removing mold lines and flash...Priming and first paint should hit this weekend.



Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Orc Horde Grows

I finally had some time to get some decent pictures of the latest batch of Marauder Orcs that I've added to my Chaos Dwarf Warband.  This is a mix of figures from the MB2 Orc Regiment and the MM25 Orc Warriors.  All of these guys have metallic scale mail...the next batch will be back to the redish armor I like so much for them.  The group includes some warriors with hand weapon and shield, some archers, and the standard bearer and musician for the warrior unit. Here are some pictures for ya.

The warriors:
The Archers:

The Standard Bearer
The Musician:
And Here they are ranked up with the rest of the Boyz...

I hope to expand this into a unit of 21 warriors and a small contingent of archers (there are only two sculpts so I can't have too much repetition...and the MM20 archers are proving quite elusive!) The other challenge will be finding enough of those skull shields...I think only have 5 more.

Anyway...these pictures were taken on a new photo "setup" that I'm I need to work out some issues with glare on the background...but while I had it set up I also snapped these pictures of the Troll that I painted several months ago...though I might as well post them.

Next up...and interesting project with MM90s and classic Chaos Warriors.



Friday, October 7, 2011

A little Firepower for a Friend

Finally an update!  It has been a crazy month with very little time for painting...but I did manage to finish up one project...Over on the Warhammer-Empire Forum they have a very interesting tradition...every year people sign up for a figure exchange...where in you create/paint a figure for another member that you send to them anonymously.  I opted to participate this year for the first time and it has been fun.  I chose to paint up this classic Citadel volley gun for fellow Empire fanatic Siberius who has an amazing Hochland Army.  These figures were a lot of fun to paint...and I look fwd to adding a set to my own army in the future.  Siberius's army has a very muted color palette that while effective was a challenge for me to I tend toward the opposite of muted...:).  I sent the figures off in a hurry without taking pictures...hopefully he doesn't mind me using the ones he posted upon their joining his army.

Next up: a Group of Marauder Orcs is nearing completion!