Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Orc Horde Grows

I finally had some time to get some decent pictures of the latest batch of Marauder Orcs that I've added to my Chaos Dwarf Warband.  This is a mix of figures from the MB2 Orc Regiment and the MM25 Orc Warriors.  All of these guys have metallic scale mail...the next batch will be back to the redish armor I like so much for them.  The group includes some warriors with hand weapon and shield, some archers, and the standard bearer and musician for the warrior unit. Here are some pictures for ya.

The warriors:
The Archers:

The Standard Bearer
The Musician:
And Here they are ranked up with the rest of the Boyz...

I hope to expand this into a unit of 21 warriors and a small contingent of archers (there are only two sculpts so I can't have too much repetition...and the MM20 archers are proving quite elusive!) The other challenge will be finding enough of those skull shields...I think only have 5 more.

Anyway...these pictures were taken on a new photo "setup" that I'm I need to work out some issues with glare on the background...but while I had it set up I also snapped these pictures of the Troll that I painted several months ago...though I might as well post them.

Next up...and interesting project with MM90s and classic Chaos Warriors.




  1. Lovely work Blue, really nice group of greenskins. I might have some of those skull shields, I'll have a root later.

  2. Hurrah, Mr Blue! Hurrah! You can never have enough greenskins. Nicely done, sir - I love the cleanness of them. Nice to see orcs that aren't just drybrushed and dipped for a change!


  3. Cheers guys! These really are the best Orc models I have...the scales will make you crazy but they look nice.

    @Mr. Saturday Great! keep me in mind.

  4. Awesome, Blue. Lovely miniatures and outstanding PJ (as always). Really looking forward seeing what you have planned next! MM90s you say? :-D


  5. Man that troll is wicked awesome. I like the mix of scale armor color too.

  6. Really great work, for me these are still some of the "orkiest" orks ever made!
    I always had the idea of painting some more of these.

    Check out to see them in combination with dinos.

    cheers Thomas

  7. Hey Blue, after some furious rooting, turns out I have none of those shields, which is shocking if you could see the amount of shields I do have. Colour me surprised.

  8. @ Mr. Sat.
    Well I appreciate you looking...and I fully understand about the number of they pile up fast!