Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Help me Finish a Long Term Collecting Goal...PLEASE!!!

Hello all,

As you may have seen by my spamming requests for help all over the place I'm desperate to find the last three figures I need to complete a particular range.  In this case the Marauder MM32/34 Goblin Wolf Riders.  These have turned out to be one of the most challenging ranges that I have attempted to collect every copy of.  A number of them have been in my collection since they were first released back in the late 80's ...and I've managed to track down most of the rest over the last couple of years....but three of them have been avoiding me and now I'm putting on the full court press to find them!

These are the Three remaining ones I need...

  For those of you that have a hard time IDing figures from the old line drawings...I have found actual pictures of two of the three missing Goblins on the CCM wiki...here they are:

Sadly the third draft dodger isn't pictured on the Wiki...:(

I'm not even concerned about the wolves that go with them....I have extras of those...but I would be happy to trade or purchase any or all of these three riders if you are willing to part with them.

I promise to give them a good home...and there is even a chance that they will see paint someday...as these other examples from this range have.

Thanks for looking and please frop me a note if you want to do business!