Friday, August 25, 2017

Another Terrain Diversion Houses! ...Part III I am back yet again with another update to an ongoing project....

...namely the houses that I have been building to grace my newly completed Terrain boards.

When last I discussed this project I had completed builds of the Half Timber Cottage, Stone Barn, and most recently the Half Timber House...though none of them have been painted to that point.

As i really enjoyed the build process I pressed on with a couple of other builds as well before I started with the painting.

First I put together a couple of the small pieces from the Warhammer Townscape book...namely the Dog house and the out house.  You may have remembered in my previous discussions that I have been simply cutting out the panels, after mounting them on foam core, and then slapping them together with the sides over lapping.  This has changed the dimensions of the houses slightly by adding in the thickness of two pieces of foam-core to the original dimensions.  That was fine for the larger buildings and may have actually made them a bit more appealing to the eye...size-wise.

...But with the Out house and was a bad process!  On these small structures the additional 1/2inch of thickness in one dimension drastically changed their over all shape.

the outhouse now appears to be way too long and the Dog house is only suitable in size for pooches of Fluffy's massive girth!!

Have a look

 The Doghouse looks more like a mini barn and the Outhouse must be a two-holer to be that big!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Ewal Dvergar Boar Riders...Part II

Here I am back with with a quick post about some more Ewal Dvergar Boar riders that I have completed.  I had some time so cranked out two more of these lovelies.

Once again I opted to use a selection of different bits.  The red guy pulling the classic Jess Goodwin YMCA pose actually has a head that was supplied with the amazing "Ass Cannon" crew...also sculpted by John Pickford and sold by Oldschool Miniatures.  He is also mounted on a Marauder Boar.

The Yellow rider is made of straight Ewal Dvergar bits provided by Clam with this set of troops and he is mounted on another of the excellent Pickford boars.  Once again I can't say how much I like these boars...they are simply superb!

Here are the individual shots of the two...

Monday, August 14, 2017

Blue's Modular Table...action Shots

Hi all,

Just back with a quick one today.  Being pleased with the way the water feature turned out on my Modular tile I set about taking a few pictures with miniatures on this tile.  This was a fairly casual photo shoot...and I didn't have any big fancy background to cover up the rest of the you will have to excuse some of the background clutter.

I also have selected pics that show off the water least a little.  Most of these used my Alamo figures but I also got this one with some fantasy goodness in it

Here is what the photo "set up" looked like...When in doubt add more lights!!!

And here are a few more using my Alamo figures...which really are superb and one day I'll get around to painting some more!!!

All in all it was a fun evening of photography and I'm glad that the tile and the figures work so well together.

Cheers for now!


Saturday, August 12, 2017

Blue's Modular Table Part VIII Finishing Touches

Well...Time to get back to my Modular table tiles.  I've been holding onto this one for a while waiting for some computer issues to resolve themselves...and while they haven't really I will just make do with the crap ass computer I'm still dealing with.

Anyway...if you will recall my last blog post about the modular table tiles I was pretty much done...all the rough terrain had been painted and highlighted...and then further enhanced with static grass and tufts where appropriate.  After that I really had two major tasks to complete....
  1. Repair work:  As I was finishing up work on a couple of the tiles I noticed some areas that needed additional attention for them to be considered finished.  More details on these below
  2. Water Feature:  I also needed to suck it up and tackle the two-part resin pour for my water feature.
Repair Work