Monday, August 14, 2017

Blue's Modular Table...action Shots

Hi all,

Just back with a quick one today.  Being pleased with the way the water feature turned out on my Modular tile I set about taking a few pictures with miniatures on this tile.  This was a fairly casual photo shoot...and I didn't have any big fancy background to cover up the rest of the you will have to excuse some of the background clutter.

I also have selected pics that show off the water least a little.  Most of these used my Alamo figures but I also got this one with some fantasy goodness in it

Here is what the photo "set up" looked like...When in doubt add more lights!!!

And here are a few more using my Alamo figures...which really are superb and one day I'll get around to painting some more!!!

All in all it was a fun evening of photography and I'm glad that the tile and the figures work so well together.

Cheers for now!



  1. Nicely executed Blue. Your water is murky, but it still gives off a nice reflection.

  2. Duh! they are RT troops from a Feral world douche bag...its painfully obvious.

  3. 🙄🤦‍♂️👀🤔🤷‍♀️

  4. A thinly veiled excuse.... DRAGON RAMPANT MUCH???

  5. Lmao :DDDD

    Civility has taken a back seat on this most public of venues hasn't it now gents. More power to us!!!!!

    By the way Blue, are those bases AoS compatible?

  6. All of these figures are based up for use in Dungeon crawl games...I dislike Dragon/Lion Rampant...And I think you all know my feelings on that other game you are all referring to...

  7. to clarify...all the fantasy figures...the Alamo figures were painted for the LPL over on LAF...and are just awesome figures.

  8. Great shots, figures and terrain board Blue! More light is almost always the answer. If you are able to keep incident light off the background it will appear black next to a brightly lit subject. A lash and a fast shutter speed can help with that.

    1. That should read flash, but in some instances a lash may be helpful too.

  9. Ya those Alamo minis are great!!!! You should bring them to Monolith-khan and we can do a Donnybrook Skirmish with them.

  10. I love these, especially the wide shot. Looks my my crazy photo set up/ obstacle course. Thanks for sharing