Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chaos...the BIG and the small...Part 2

I had some time over the last week to put the finishing touches on the first batch of 3 Chaos Warriors that I am painting up for Hashut's Little Helper (HlH).  These are the ones that I am painting to compliment his previously painted Marauder MM90s.  These are proving some what of a challenge to me due to the fact that I don't have any of the colored Metallic paints that he painted his originals with.  Luckily HlH has allowed me some leeway with the colors and I think they have come out fairly well.  FYI HlH will be taking care of the bases and shields so they all match his existing units.

First up is one of my favorite MM90s and Chaos Warriors....( for larger images)

Here is the Warrior Solo...these might be the best horns I've painted...I normally hate horns...these I'm actually happy with:
Next up is the Asian Inspired Cleaver guy!

Quite alot of difference between the MM90 and the Chaos Warrior on this one...there wasn't as much fabric to paint red...and when I tried to do red spikes on the Warriors helmet it just looked ridiculous....the red shoes tie them together though...:)

Here he is Solo:

 And Finally the Purple Bunny Ears...

 ...and the Warrior Solo

I've got three more in process as we speak so I hope to have an update fairly soon.