Friday, November 29, 2013

...Something a little different: Kevin Adams Zippo

Howdy all!

I'm still recovering from thanksgiving...

...but wanted to take a few minutes to post about something interesting that showed up on my doorstep this week.

When it comes to collecting Warhammer related items I try to limit myself to things that I will actually use in a game someday (theoretically...:) ) ...I'm not big on hoarding un-opened blisters... or artwork... or other items that are purely "collectable."

...but sometimes you have to make an exception.  A few months ago over on FrothersUK there was a discussion about a Zippo lighter that Kevin Adams had customized by covering it with GS sculptures.  Apparently a number of resin castings were made of this...though I believe the only functional lighter is the original.  Anyway...during this discussion I mentioned that I would love to get a copy of the casting.  Several weeks later I received a PM from another Frothers member who had seen my post and had a copy he was willing to part with....despite it's complete lack of "gameability" I jumped at the chance. due to some mismanagement of the deal in my end and unexpected, but totally understandable, delays on the sellers end I have only now received my copy I was quite excited when I unwrapped it from its tidy bubble wrap's much bigger than I expected!

...and the absolute density of amazingly detailed sculpting displayed on this piece is mind blowing!  

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Rest Of Averland III ...Black Cloth Walk through

While I was working through the process of highlighting the black cloth portions of the Averland Commission I thought I would document my process and share it with you.

First I must give credit where it is due.  I did a ton of online research looking for different techniques of highlighting Black...most of which are complete crap that at best give you a model that is more Grey than black.  Eventually I stumbled onto a youtube video that displayed a "technique" that I thought was worth giving a try.  While this video shows a painter working on a rather large figure ... the techniques he employs work very well on 28mm minis as well.  Take a look and see what you think... (warning the music is terrible (IMO) but you don't need to listen to see what he's doing)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Rest of Averland ...Part II

Alright...lets carry on with thebinman's Averlanders.

Some of this batch of figures really require an additional color beyond the black, yellow, and white...figures that seem more like peasant that have "rough" cloth on as well as figures representing a Game keeper...and an archer that looks a lot like Robin Hood who pretty much demanded green clothing,  So this series of pictures shows the whole group with all the additional base colors in place.  I've also had time to highlight the flesh areas on all the figures up to near completion...I'll go back and do a final highlight as one of my last tasks.

Here are the group shots...

Friday, November 15, 2013

Temptation...the third...

After James's recent article about Combat Cards I stumbled onto this group if them on eBay and threw in a low ball snipe...I had owned the Dwarf and Goblinoid ones back in the day...but lost them over the years....anyway picked up four packs for about $3!  

But the aren't OPENED! The Goblinoids one is off its card so I might as well open that one.  The others....I'll hold off as long as possible but I'm sure they'll get cracked open before too long...



Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Rest of Averland...:)

Howdy all,

As I mentioned once many moons ago while I was in the throes of the Lead Painters League...and before I shattered my ankle and ruined my summer...I was asked by LAF member thebinman to paint up a skirmish warband for him.  The figures he chose to send me include some of the all time great sculpts from the early years of Citadel and Marauder.  The start of this commission were the 5 figures I painted for the LPL seen here:

Friday, November 8, 2013

Warhammer Skirmish Homebrew fun game

Howdy all,

Last night I managed to convince a couple of my buddies to have a game of Oldhammer...and we opted to do something a little different....we played a total skirmish game.  I home brewed a set of rules using 3ed as the base with some input from Rogue Trader and Realms of Chaos as well as other ideas that randomly popped into my head.  The idea was to have a fairly fast flexible game with smallish units (8 max).  I think we succeeded...and most importantly we had a lot of fun doing it.

The forces engaged consisted of Dwarfs and Humans (my 5th ed Brets) on the side of light...commanded by Brian....and Chaos Dwarfs and Orcs and Goblins on the side of Chaos...commanded by Tom.

Here are a few pictures of the nights activities...sorry for the quality...they are all done with my iPhone and under the crappy florescent lights in my garage.

Here is an overview of the table with Tom starting to move his forces of Chaos (chaos dwarfs and O&Gs) onto the table...

No smart ass comments about the exercise bike in the background...
As you can see we had a fairly dense set of ruins in the center of the table representing a burned out village...this is composed of card building from Dave Graffam.