Friday, November 29, 2013

...Something a little different: Kevin Adams Zippo

Howdy all!

I'm still recovering from thanksgiving...

...but wanted to take a few minutes to post about something interesting that showed up on my doorstep this week.

When it comes to collecting Warhammer related items I try to limit myself to things that I will actually use in a game someday (theoretically...:) ) ...I'm not big on hoarding un-opened blisters... or artwork... or other items that are purely "collectable."

...but sometimes you have to make an exception.  A few months ago over on FrothersUK there was a discussion about a Zippo lighter that Kevin Adams had customized by covering it with GS sculptures.  Apparently a number of resin castings were made of this...though I believe the only functional lighter is the original.  Anyway...during this discussion I mentioned that I would love to get a copy of the casting.  Several weeks later I received a PM from another Frothers member who had seen my post and had a copy he was willing to part with....despite it's complete lack of "gameability" I jumped at the chance. due to some mismanagement of the deal in my end and unexpected, but totally understandable, delays on the sellers end I have only now received my copy I was quite excited when I unwrapped it from its tidy bubble wrap's much bigger than I expected!

...and the absolute density of amazingly detailed sculpting displayed on this piece is mind blowing!  

...let's have a closer look...

....the little hookah smoking gobo at the bottom is a highlight for me...;)

...and other side...

...I wonder who lives in there?

...and symbolizing Kev's softer side...a cute buterfly..:)

...and here are a few detail shots...

I love that octopuss! what an evil eye!

...there has to be a story behnd this bespectacled book reading, kneepad wearing dragon...

...I wish this guy was produced as a seperate figure!

...see what I mean about the density of detail?!?!  the eye can't decide what to focus on!

As I poked around on the interwebs trying to learn more about this interesting piece I found these pictures of the green on The Kevin Adams Challenge.

...if you look just above the dragons wing on the left you can see the hinge of lighter hidden amongst all that awesomeness!

And then a few weeks ago Brian Ansell (I hope you don't mind me using these Brian!) posted some pictures of a version painted by the Goblinmaster himself...and I was blown away all over again.  The man is obviously as talented with a brush as he is when pushing putty!

I can only hope to paint mine half as well if I ever get around to it.

...alright back to scouring eBay for Chaos Steeds and Renegades!




  1. STU - NNING !

    I can only agree with you, this piece is an absolute must! the details are insane. Kevin is definitely a powersculptor and the painting is just brilliant too.I don't worry to much about you being up to the task but the bar is high, that's for sure !


    (oh, and don't look too much for renegades, I'm sure you're missing some dwarves before that, some of us only have chaos you know... :D )

  2. Wow I had heard legends of this sculpt, nice to actually see it and painted by the Goblinmaster himself no less!

  3. What do you mean you can't game with it - surely that is the best objective marker a gamer could want!

    Chaotic shrine, pillar of ultimate voodoo, or maybe just a crazy icon for Troglodytes to dance around...

    Nice acquisition!

  4. There is so much quality in the hobby these days it takes something truly special to stand out from the crowd. And that is gobsmackingly good. You're a lucky chap to own one!