Saturday, July 23, 2016

Chaos Renegades....Squad 1 Action shots

Hi all,

I've finally found the time to finish post-processing some of the Action shots that I took of my first squad of Chaos Renegades.  I really enjoy doing these little photo shoots...they really capture the feel of a game in action.

Once again I have fallen back on my Battle Systems Sci-Fi Terrain and pitted the Renegades against a couple of squads of rampaging Orks.

Here is an overview of the set up...

And zooming into the action....

And here are a couple that I further post processed using the LensFX app on my eye much fun.

Cheers for now



  1. Awesome pics! Does those orcs come from a very different painting age of you?
    To me the renegades are a whole step over the orks in terms of paintjobs...

    1. These orks were painted by someone else. Vidpui to be exact. He offered a great price for commission painting a bout 18 months ago and I jumped at the chance to get these guys on the table while I was still breathing....:)

  2. Love it! Great manipulations and your scenery is great fun, a really super set up!

  3. So awesome Blooo can't wAit to fight them!!!

  4. Amazing set up as ever! Those renegades are absolutely brilliant.

  5. Fantastic "action" shots. I really love the battle systems terrain. It's also nice to get a behind the scenes shot.

  6. Those close ups remind me of the battle reports in old White Dwarfs. Great work!

  7. Brilliant photos and miniatures! Imagine if they'd had a set up like that for the old Realms of Chaos Tomes. Love the Holbein "Bad War" background to the blog as well.