Friday, July 29, 2016

Kickstarter Alert!!! 4A Miniatures produces Female Chaos Dwarfs...

Hi all,

Just a quick post today to alert you to an excellent Kickstarter campaign my my good friend Andrew Coleman of Four A Miniatures. 

Link to Campaign:

Andrew has teamed up with John Pickford to create a number of female chaos dwarf sculpts...something sorely lacking from current figure ranges.  John really outdid himself with these sculpts and I'm sure the figures will be fantastic.

The kickstarter has also allowed Andrew to include some of the other excellent figures from his ranges including female barbarians and those wonderful Chaos Dwarf Beastmen (also sculpted by John P.)

This campaign has a very reasonable price point and offers some truly exceptional and unique figures that will look great on your table top.  Please join me in supporting this can't deal with a nicer guy than Andrew and keeping small manufactures of excellent figures like this is a laudable goal in itself...particularly when they are producing figures of this quality.

Here is the Link again...go pledge!! :

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  1. It can't just be me who thinks that the top right figure in the fifth photo looks like 80's TV Alf

  2. Oh how I wish I had unlimited time and resources. This is a fantastic looking kickstarter and I have looked longingly at Four A for quite some time. Sadly I've spent way too much money on the hobby of late and will have to hope that these are available in the store when I do have more time and money.