Sunday, July 3, 2016

Chaos Renegade #10...the Squad is complete!!

Hi all,

I finally found some time to get paint on another Renegade...#10 this time and the last for my first squad.  Once again an often overlooked sculpt that didn't strike me as particularly impressive in the catalog shots...but turned out to amazingly fun to paint.

Here is the new guy with his completed squad!  Individual shots below.

Renegade #10...solo.

This was also the final Renegade for inclusion in my monthly painting challenge over on the Herohammer International FB group.  Here are the four that I finished for the month.

I also spent some time getting some "action" shots of this squad in battle with Narblaz the Nasty and his ork is one teaser pic...more in the next post.




  1. Sir, I cannot get tired of saying it. Your work on these is amazing and inspirational. You made me think of Renegades in a way I hadn't thought before. An applause to your originality and good work!

  2. Awesome work Bloo! Your really raised the bar with these renegades!

  3. I see you are making good use of Battlesystem's 3d skirmish sets, they're not bad sets, I brought some bits at Salute last year for use in my games (whenever I do get to play that is....)

  4. Oh, forgot to add, Great work on those heretics (looks around for Inquisitors....)

  5. Love him Blue. Can't wait to see all the action shots.