Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Imperial Army of Salsburg, Dwarf Corps, Pikes

Hi all,

Up next in our look at the Dwarf portion of the Grand Army of Slasburg is a unit that is something special...at least to me.

Seeing this advertisement in White Dwarf in 1991 was a pivotal moment in my hobby career...

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Chaos Renegades...DREADNOUGHT!!

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I had planned to sit on this post for awhile...but I'm so damn excited about this figure that I can't wait!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Imperial Army of Salsburg, Dwarf Corps, Hand Gunners

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Next up from the Dwarf Corps are the renowned Dwarf Hand Gunners of the Imperial Army.  These troops are drawn from across social spectrum of Salsburg with a mix of troops from the city itself as well as the surrounding areas.

The Dwarf hand gunners are equipped with the absolute best weapons that dwarven ingenuity can create.  While their human counterparts are still relying on matchlock arquebuses as the main firearm, the majority of the dwarf corps hand gunners are using either flintlock or wheel lock firearms, both of which are much more reliable than the matchlock.

These troops form a powerful team when used in conjunction with the pike blocks.  They can provide those pikes with a ranged offensive capability while the pikes keep the hand gunners safe from cavalry.

here they are:

Monday, October 28, 2019

Imperial Army of Salsburg, Dwarf Corps, Crossbows

Hi all,

This is what I hope is the start of a string of posts about the Imperial Army of Salsburg, Dwarf Corps.  Today we start with a look at two units of missile support troops for the Corps...in this case Crossbows.

The Salsburg Dwarf Corps is composed of both troops from Salsburg proper (Guard) and also troops from the areas immediately surrounding the great city (Yeoman).  While both regions produce excellent troops for the Corps there are often stylistic differences in dress between the two.  The Guard troops from Salsburg itself have more thoroughly adopted the Puff and Slash influences of the Imperial style of dress.  The Yeomanry troops from the surrounding towns and villages tend to employ the same colors as their city counterparts but with less flash and more practicality (at least to their mind).

It is between the two units of crossbow armed troops that this stylistic difference is most apparent.

The Salsburg Guard crossbows are decked out in the finest puff and slash kit that silver can buy and the troops are as proud of it as they are their own beards!

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Chaos Renegade...Squad 3...number 8

Hi all,

Well...I had fully intended to start bombarding you with posts about the puff and slash dwarfs...but I've gotten sidetracked again.  After completing the last two Renegades...and receiving a couple of new paints in the mail...I decided to crank out one more...just one more! :)

I recently chatted with one of my painting heroes, Stone Cold Lead, when he mentioned the purple recipe he recently used for the Ion Age Retained Knights...and I immediately ordered the paints he recommended and I decided to give it a try.  Purple has been one of my long term problem colors...and I hoped this was the info I needed to get over that hurdle.

For my first attempt with this new color I chose one of the classic Renegade sculpts, Three Eyes!

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Chaos Renegade...Squad 3...numbers 6 and 7

Hi all,

After a marathon of Puff and Slash dwarf painting (much more about this to come) I decided to take a brief break from that and finished up two additional Renegade Marines for the 3rd squad.

The first of these is one of those crazy bright paint jobs that I love to explore with the Renegade models....the second is much more subdued.

This one is one of the Heavy Weapons marines that is rocking a wicked cool visor...which became a bit of a hang up for me in the painting process.  I had had the majority of this figure painted for several months...just the visor was holding me up.  But after chatting with some talented folks I'm lucky enough to know, I developed a plan for conquering the visor and I dove in!  In the end it was fairly straight forward and not as complicated as I had feared.

So here he is...Heavy weapon number two for this squad and trooper number 6.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Puff and Slash Dwarf Army....The Grind Continues...Part Duex!

Back with a brief update on the progress being made on the large group of marauder puff and slash dwarfs that I have been working through.  The group has expanded to 33 figures with the addition of a three figures from the classic Marauder Pike Dwarf unit...namely the Leader, Standard Bearer and a trooper.

After being out of town for a week doing some field work I immediately got back to work upon my return.

The first things I accomplished was base coating and highlighting the many Gold bitz on these figures. 

Monday, September 16, 2019

Puff and Slash Dwarf Army...the Grind continues!

Hi all,

After the OWAC and the tremendous progress that was made toward completing my Puff and Slash Dwarf Army I have been continuing to plug away at the last troops for this force.  I am determined to finish up this army ASAP...

...to that end I've been fairly diligent about working through a large group of figures all at once to try and push this across the finish line.  So...I assembled a group of 30 minis that will fill out my existing units to their final size as well and complete an entirely new unit of heavy infantry.  This process has involved Batch Painting one of the largest group of figures I have ever tried to complete in a single go....and significant progress is being made.

However...no I've had to leave town for week to do some field work and I was not able to finish these batch before I left.

So...I thought I would get some WIP pics up on this blog to let you know what I've been working on and to help motivate me to push it thru once I'm finally back at the painting desk!  My excitement level is fading as I get down to the details so I need all the encouragement I can get!

Ok...As usual I started with Dark Grey Auto Primer for all figures...then I applied the base colors to the major areas.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Chaos Renegade ...Squad 3...number 5

Hi all,

After the Marathon of the OWAC I needed a brief respite from the grind of my puff and slash dwarf army...there is still much to do there and the next blog post will cover my recent efforts in that regard...but this post will see a return to the much loved Chaos Renegades that I have been working on for a couple of years now.

This change of pace allowed me to work with some different colors and styles and to work on just one figure at a time!  What a crazy idea!? It seemed so quick once I got down to it!

As the halfway point of renegade Squad 3 I chose to return to the excellent Nurgle Renegade range and picked one of my absolute favorite figures....the one that looks like a natural leader among his foul brethren...lovingly titled "Plaguebearer Head 1"

Now...as you have come to expect from me I opted for some particularly un-Nurgle colors for this guy.  Looking at the other four members of Squad 3 I found that it was lacking something from the Red-ish range so opted for a deep rich red for the base color...nicely contrasted by the tan trim and de-saturated blue for his skin tone.

Here is how he ended up....

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

BOYL 2019....I finally made it! (Pic Heavy)

(Note: this is in no way a comprehensive description of the events going on at Foundry and Warhammer World over the weekend...If I failed to mention you or your wonderful game I apologize...no slight intended...you know I love you all!!! :) )

Well...Its a festivus Miracle!!  I've finally found a way to attend a Bring Out Your Lead (BOYL) event!!  BOYL was the first and is largest of the purely Oldhammer events that happens every year.  It was first held in 2012....and every year since then I have been dissapointed to NOT be able to attend.

...But that all changed this year!  Due to some unexpected life changes in the Blue household the opportunity presented it self and I jumped at the option to attend.  This decision was made rather last minute (2 weeks before the event) but I was able to get a reasonably priced ticket and impose upon my friends Airborne Grove and Bulldog Lopez for transportation and a place to crash.

My BOYL experience actually started at Warhammer World were I joined a number of other Oldhammer compatriots for fantastic Rogue trader Realms of Chaos Warband Rumble...hosted by Colin.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Dwarf Army Progress Shots...Almost There!!

Hi all,

As most of you probably know I have spent the past six months painting frantically for the second Old World Army Challenge.  It was, once again, a grueling effort but I did manage to finish and add a significant new contingent to my Puff and Slash Dwarf Army...which is my oldest army and one of the largest.

As I was finishing the challenge and and preparing to take some shots of the entire 1000 point force that I had managed to paint...I thought it would also be a good idea to combine them with all my other Empire Dwarf figures to show the current status of the entire army.

This proved to be a lot of fun and, though the set up and prep work took some time I think it was worth the effort.  Now this army is NOT complete...several of the units will be further expanded....several have a few partially painted figures....almost all units are still lacking banners...and there is one entire unit not represented at all in these pics.  Despite these deficiencies I find this kind of photography to be very inspiring and feel that it really gives me a feel for where the army as going as well as indicating what needs to be finished up.

For this photo shoot I used two of my modular terrain tiles and a number of the houses and walls that I scratch built in the last two years...as well as a portion of the Might Fortress.  I'm still having trouble with the backdrop situation, but for the time being I used a sheet of green foam board as my backdrop...less than ideal but sufficient for now.

Anyway...lets take a look...

Here is the Dwarf line of battle for the Grand Army of Salsburg.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

"Message for you Sir!!!" -Bret Casualty Figures

Hi all,

Back with a quick post about two newly painted figures.  These are the first two figures from a rather unusual "side quest" that I have undertaken in the already niche hobby of Oldhammer figure appreciation...that of collecting casualty figures...and specifically those that were common in almost all of citadel ranges of the 2nd-3rd editions of WFB.

These specific figures...two Bretonnians come from the short lived and poorly cataloged 3rd edition Bret range produced by the Perry Twins...which includes many of my favorite frenchie-flavored sculpts of all time.

...yes...in addition to the many 5th edition Bret figures you have seen grace the pixels of this blog...I also have an entire 3rd edition Bret army...that waits patiently in the to-do pile...:)

Its fine...I can quit when ever I want!  I swear! Trust me...lol

Anyway...onto the figures.  One is your traditional casualty...lying flat on his back arms akimbo, staring vacantly into space as darkness closes in...

The other is a bit more interesting...in that this poor bloke is in the process of  becoming casualty.  Suddenly an arrow has sprouted from his chest and he is none to happy about it!! lol...  Though it does bring to mind one of my favorite scenes from Holy Grail...

"Message for you Sir!!"

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

RT Bat Rep: Escape From Putney Prime!!!

HHeeeeeyyyyy!!!  Ya'll Remember me....?  I'm Back!!!

 Stardate: 1001.2356
Location: Surface of Putney Prime

Corporal Grove could almost taste that the Combat Burger now! All he had to do now was get off this hell planet and back to the space station and he was going straight to the burger shack for a meal....