Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Chaos Renegade ...Squad 3...number 5

Hi all,

After the Marathon of the OWAC I needed a brief respite from the grind of my puff and slash dwarf army...there is still much to do there and the next blog post will cover my recent efforts in that regard...but this post will see a return to the much loved Chaos Renegades that I have been working on for a couple of years now.

This change of pace allowed me to work with some different colors and styles and to work on just one figure at a time!  What a crazy idea!? It seemed so quick once I got down to it!

As the halfway point of renegade Squad 3 I chose to return to the excellent Nurgle Renegade range and picked one of my absolute favorite figures....the one that looks like a natural leader among his foul brethren...lovingly titled "Plaguebearer Head 1"

Now...as you have come to expect from me I opted for some particularly un-Nurgle colors for this guy.  Looking at the other four members of Squad 3 I found that it was lacking something from the Red-ish range so opted for a deep rich red for the base color...nicely contrasted by the tan trim and de-saturated blue for his skin tone.

Here is how he ended up....

...and below are some sequence pictures of the painting process.

...and here he is with the rest of Squad 3

And just for fun I thought I would pull together all the Nurgle marines that I have painted so far...even though they belong to different squads at this point.

...Ok...time to get back to those Dwarfs!!!




  1. Awesome to see you coming back to your signature range!

    1. thanks! I imagine I'll knock out another one or two once I'm sure I'm set with the dwarfs.

  2. Lovely Bloo....diggin the unnurgle colors as well. ;)

  3. Great stuff the Nurgle guys should travel together surely especially as they are in cool non Nurgle colours?

    1. we'll see...I now realize that Chaos Fett should be with these guys too as he has a tentacle arm..I don't believe that they will be locked into certain squads so there is the possibility of fielding them together.

  4. You did it again, you came up with something totally unexpected and turned it into a total win!

  5. Beautiful work Blue! Bringing them to Monolith Con?