Monday, March 31, 2014

LPL Round 1: Ewal Dvergar

Well...the time has finally come!  Round 1 of the Lead Painters League has closed for voting and Round 2 has begun....therefore I'm allowed to post up my first round entry for public consumption.

The entry requirements for this year's LPL have changed from previous iterations of the contest.  This year you are allowed to only enter one picture of your team...with no composite images allowed.  In the past I had the option of using a combination of images to best illustrate the details of my figures....this year one picture only.  So this was picture that I submitted...

Friday, March 21, 2014

Chaos Dwarf Comparison shots...

About a week ago Four A Miniatures released the Chaos Dwarf/beastmen that I covered in earlier posts.  These wonderful figures were sculpted by John were the Ewal Dvergar that Clam is sharing with the world.  When I put up the post about the Four A minis several people asked for some size comparisons...I promised to do some shots...and never did.

...Well today is the day!  I had the camera set up to take my first three rounds of LPL while I was at it I grabbed a few other Evil dwarfs and put them all together for some Glamor shots.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Learning to Crawl....all over again!

Last Friday I was able to convince a group of four friends into playing a game of Cavern Crawl with me.  Cavern Crawl is a fairly simple set of rules under development by Graeth the Grot who has an excellent blog and the rules available here Drums in the Deep.  I messed around with an earlier version of these rules back a couple of years ago (posts about this can be seen here, here, and here) and really enjoyed them...and this seemed like a good time to give them a whirl again.  Since my normal gaming space (garage) is actually being used to store cars this time of year (crazy I know...priorities!) I needed a game that I could easily transport to another location and wouldn't take a long time to set up...Cavern Crawl fit the bill perfectly.

I built our adventure around the basic scenario that Gareth included in the version 2.8 Rules that I would be employing.  In hopes of making things a little more interesting I beefed up the number and quality of enemies in the mission and also buffed my heroes a little bit.  For our adventuring party I chose to play to the figures I had available...this somewhat limited the racial content of the party (I don't have any painted elves or halflings at this point)...but left us with a Human Wizard, Human Ranger, Dwarf Knight and a Dwarf Barbarian.  Against these heroes I pitted a selection of Orcs and Goblins of all qualities, a Troll and a two headed Dire Wolf.

While I was too caught up in the action to take to many photos or copious notes here are a few of the pictures I did take...

Our Party descends into the Cavern and encounters their first enemy...

Friday, March 7, 2014

Filler Post #2: LPL Replay and Update

Howdy all,

I wanted to take a quick moment and get a post has been truly nutty for the last month...between ever increasing work obligations, weather issues, my kids bringing home various plagues, and trying to get some teams done for the upcoming LPL I just haven't been setting aside the time to write posts.  But today has given me just enough time to get another filler piece together.

Progress on my first three teams for the current LPL has been good...I'm in the midst of final touches on all three of them, then onto basing and starting on the next two teams.  So far I'm fairly happy with where I'm at.

I thought that I would take this opportunity to post up a few of my entries from previous LPLs for your viewing pleasure.  Long time readers of this blog will have seen these pictures before...but will just have to suffer through...:)

To start with here are a few of my favorite Oldhammer Fantasy entries from years past...

The heavy hitters...LPL 5 Round 9