Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Marauder Empire Command

One of my most prized set of figures are the Marauder MM61 Fighter Command.

To my eye these are some of the best Puff and Slash figures ever made.  For the August Painting Contest over at Warhammer-Empire the subject was command group...I knew the day had come to get paint on these.  I started off with the idea of getting all five painted...but time constraints whittled that down to four...and a couple of flubs on one model left me with and entry of three...but I'm quite happy with their paint jobs.

I am less happy with the banner.  I worked off the idea of the one pictured above...but it came out a little rough...Banners are one of my many challenges in figure painting.  Plus the photography seems to have flattened the standard out even though it has much more shape to it when seen in real life. It may have to be replaced in the future.



Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oh What a week its been!!!

This week has seen me in a collecting frenzy!  A number of things that I have been keeping my eyes peeled for have all become available...naturally they appeared all at the same time!  While I didn't get an "amazing" deal on any of these pieses/figures I got them all for a fair price...and thats all I can expect.

First off a couple of pieces from the Marauder Orc and Goblin Range.  I've been lusting after this Stone thrower (MM28) for a long time now and thanks to a chap on CCM I now have one in hand:

A Gentleman that I am doing some painting for...or will be soon...was able to supply 2 other classics from this range...the Orc Battle Chariot (MB6):

Additionally he sent along a copy of the Orc War Wyvren (MB8):

Which is very cool...But what makes it extra special is the its the version with the Shaman!

As if that Wasn't good enough for one week...A fellow over on the Warhammer Forum listed an amazing collection of Vintage Marauder Figures including an insane amount of Dark Elves....and of more interest to me...complete copies of the Chaos Thug Regiment (MB10)...

And the Chaos Beastmen Regiment (MB9): was a good week for my collecting bug...but a bad week for my paypal acct!  And the Lead Mountain continues to Grow!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Marauder Slayers

I have had the entire range of Marauder Slayers since their release and have enjoyed each and every sculpt...they are all unique and full of personality.  IMO they are the perfect slayers...lots of interesting hair and beard combos plus great weapons and expressions.  Here are 5 of the slayers painted up as disgraced members of my other dwarf units...hence the fact that the little clothes that they have left reflect the color schemes of my other units.

These you will recognize from my header...



5 MM90s

The Marauder MM90 Chaos Dwarfs are my all time favorite chaos figures from the Warhammer range.  Here I present 5 of the 24 figures from this range.  I have a number more painted but need to finish up shields and get better pictures of keep your eyes peeled for more here.

As you can see I'm painting these in a fairly old school style with bold individual color schemes for each model.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Start of an Orc Horde!

The Chaos Dwarf warband that I am centering around my Marauder MM90s will contain a fairly large number of Greenskin allies (slaves) including, gobblins, orcs, and trolls.  The Orcs pictured here are the start of those allies...some heavily armored Marauder Boys from the MB2 Regiment and few MM25 Orc warriors mixed in.  I really like the "Hun-ish" feel of these guys and like all the Marauder sculpts they are lot of fun to paint up.  I still need to find a few more these figures to complete my if you have spare MM25s ...or those skull shields please let me know...;)


Here is something a little different...

In the Early 1990s Citadel produced a small range of "River Trolls" ...and I have always loved sculpts.  I've had one of them since their release date but never painted for one of the Golden Hat contests on CDO I decided to paint him up.  I was so pleased with the results that I quickly went online and tracked down the other two...who are now waiting patiently in the Lead Mountain!  There a ton of fun little details on these guys that make them a joy to paint.

Here is the completed River Troll:


Puff and Slash...Ogres?

I recently got my hands on some figures that have been eluding me since my youth....the Marauder MM41 go along with the MS4 Ogre hero that I've had since my childhood.  What makes these particular Ogres so interesting is that they are dressed in the Puff and Slash style...and you know I'm a sucker for that!
Here are 5 of the 7 Ogres sculpts with the hero in the center.

Empire Reiksguard

In addition to my many classic Marauder and citadel dwarfs I also have a love for the 3rd edition Empire figures that citadel produced.  The army that I am working toward is a combination of both dwarf and human elements...brought together by a largely Puff and Slash aesthetic. 

Here are some Reiksguard Infantry...the heavily armored elite of the Human Contingent:


Marauder Dwarf Handgunners

For the July painting contest over at Bugman's Brewery the subject was "A Squad of Rank and File"...this means a small unit of 5 figures which may include a Champion.  I chose to paint up a group of Marauder Dwarf handgunners...some of my all-time favorite sculpts.  At the request of several members on that forum I also Posted WIP pictures showing some of the stages of my painting process....I thought these would be good to share here as well.

Here is a picture of the Primed Models:
here are the figures with their base colors can see that I start quite dark:
Here is a mid process shot:
This picture shows the models needing just their final highlights:
This Shots shows the painting finished...just the bases left to complete:

And here are the final Completed models...ready for the table!

Now I only have 25 more of these to do!   **sigh**