Wednesday, October 27, 2021

A First for me...Some Fimir!!

 Hi all,

Back with a quick post to share with you some classic Fimir that I recently painted as part of a small commission that I've been working on.

These are the first Fimir that I have had the pleasure of painting and I have to say that they are just excellent sculpts...the "alien" anatomy of them is completely believable.  I used a slightly modified version of my Goblin skin paint recipe to achieve their pale green skin.

Here is the unit of four...and below are individual shots of each member.  The client will be taking care of the bases...hence their unfinished nature.


Cheers for now!!


Tuesday, October 12, 2021

9th Anniversary Repost. Darnog the Dank....

On this very night 9 years ago I posted about my feeble efforts in painting a figure for the first ever Golden Gobo Painting contest that was run from the Oldhammer Forum back in the day.  Back when Oldhammer still meant something specific and not the confused mess it has become these days...

But I was in the early heady days of the Oldhammer Community that a group of us conceived of this painting contest and made it a reality.  For this Painting contest I chose to paint one of my favorite Marauder Goblin figures...and recently I decided to update his flesh tone with my current recipe for Goblin Flesh.  

So, I'm going to take the opportunity to reuse my Blog post from October 12, 2012...which includes some background for this Goblin Wizard, a 3rd edition Statline for the figure, and even a narrative bit that I wrote for the contest which required no only a painted figure but also the associated Fluff.

Here are are pictures of the new paint job...below them you will see the 2012 pics, post, and story.