Wednesday, October 27, 2021

A First for me...Some Fimir!!

 Hi all,

Back with a quick post to share with you some classic Fimir that I recently painted as part of a small commission that I've been working on.

These are the first Fimir that I have had the pleasure of painting and I have to say that they are just excellent sculpts...the "alien" anatomy of them is completely believable.  I used a slightly modified version of my Goblin skin paint recipe to achieve their pale green skin.

Here is the unit of four...and below are individual shots of each member.  The client will be taking care of the bases...hence their unfinished nature.


Cheers for now!!



  1. They look great. I've never seen these particular sculpts before but they're very nice. The skin tones look just right on them.

  2. The final appearance of these miniatures is very successful, both for the quality of the miniatures and for your painting work. Which manufacturer are they from? Are they on 40x40 mm bases? They also make a very effective impression lined up together side by side.
    Fimirs remind me (R) of creatures I first encountered as a child when I was playing Heroquest ... Although they are hideous beings, I remember them with nostalgia ...

    1. yes these are classic citadel Fimir Models...produced in the mid-late 1980's.

  3. Oh, what's not to love about Fimir? Great work on the skin tones, they look fantastic :)

  4. I like how they are uniquely oldhammer models. Great paint jobs. The skin looks great.

  5. These are cracking! I always found commissions where the client was doing the bases feel a bit awkward as I could never shake the feeling the figures weren't finished. Please please please can you share some shots of them when their lucky new owner has them based, please?

  6. Great job! They aren't the easiest of figures to paint, with the large areas of bare flesh coupled with some fiddly detailed bits.