Saturday, October 24, 2015

My First Frost Grave Warband...Don't worry its still Oldhammer!

So there is some interest in the Frostgrave rules in my area and I have decided to start to pull together a warband that I can use during games in which I lose to my friend Roberto...:).

If you are not familiar with what Frostgrave is....well then you have been living under a (hobby) rock for the last year.  Frostgrave is a new Skirmish game, put out by Osprey, that is focused on small warbands, 10 figures or less, led by a powerful wizard and his apprentice as they scour a long abandoned city for ancient relics of magical power. 

Being the old lead head that I am I thought that this would be a perfect time to employ some of my long neglected figures in a new and interesting way....while keeping them available for potential expansion into a full fledged army for 3rd edition WFB fun....therefore I will be deploying them on square bases.  BTW there is a fantastic range of figures produced by NorthStar that are specifically for Frostgrave...many of them sculpted by Mark Copplestone...but I couldn't possibly justify buying new figures when I have so many unpainted ones to chose from already...

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Imperial Dwarfs Update

Hi all,

Thouogh I am still extremely busy with end of Field Season work I have been plugging away on a number of projects.  Included in this list are the Imperial Dwarfs that I have been painting to complement the Bood-Wargames Dwarfs I featured in my previous post.

While they are not yet complete I wanted to share an WIP picture of the little guys.  As you can see I have finished the cloth, armor, beards, and flesh on these guys.  This leaves me with the belts, bags, eyes, metals and other fiddly bits to take care of.  I hope to finish these details of in the coming week and then get these guys based and ready for the table.

Anyway...enough are the pics.