Thursday, October 22, 2015

Imperial Dwarfs Update

Hi all,

Thouogh I am still extremely busy with end of Field Season work I have been plugging away on a number of projects.  Included in this list are the Imperial Dwarfs that I have been painting to complement the Bood-Wargames Dwarfs I featured in my previous post.

While they are not yet complete I wanted to share an WIP picture of the little guys.  As you can see I have finished the cloth, armor, beards, and flesh on these guys.  This leaves me with the belts, bags, eyes, metals and other fiddly bits to take care of.  I hope to finish these details of in the coming week and then get these guys based and ready for the table.

Anyway...enough are the pics.


These Figures are a joy to paint...each is a unique character with lots of fun details that are not readily apparent upon first examination. I think they will fit perfectly with the Bood fact you can see three of them mixed into this batch...and will make a very striking and effective unit on the table top.

Cheers for now...hopefully it won't be as long before my next post.



  1. Love the look, can't wait to see them finished up and on a table. ;)

  2. Some of my favourite dwarfs models. Promising start!

  3. They look very good. Nice color on the beards.

  4. An excellent dwarf range and painted to an excellent standard, nice work all round

  5. Moar stuntiez fer Krumpin! They look good Blue.