Sunday, March 29, 2015

Blue's One Hour Challenge: RT Astropath

Orylgg kicked off a painting "Challenge" a week or so ago...The 1-Hour Painting Challenge.  The rules are pretty straight forward.  Take a figure from primed to finished in only one hour.  Some pretty impressive results have been posted up and I thought it sounded like fun so I took the opportunity tonight to give it a try.

In planning for this I knew it was going to be a significant challenge for me...I'm a notoriously slow painter and the idea of finishing a figure in an hour seemed ludicrous to me...but I was game to give it a try. order to increase my odds of success I wanted every advantage I could find.  This started with figure selection.  I wanted something without a lot of ornamentation and that required the fewest number of colors possible.  To this end I picked a classic old Rogue Trader Astropath...he is mostly, flesh, robe, and staff. Here is what he looks like ...Naked.  Later, I primed with my normal Dark Gray Primer.

Monday, March 2, 2015

A quick hit of nostalgia…

Hi all, 

This is not the next post I was hoping to make but one that just came to me on the fly. 

I just opened a package from an auction I won on eBay and it had some of Prince Ulther's Dragon company troopers in it.... Great figures but nothing too exciting...

There is one interesting thing about them though ...take note of the bases these guys came with… 

BOOM!!  Nostalgia moment...

I hate to be a snob (though...if "the shoe fits..." And all that...)

...but if you're really an "Oldhammer" OG you'll know where these come from.

I used these bases all the time back in the day... In fact I think I still have a few of my original Dragon Company figures mounted on them…But It's not something you see very often these days.

Anyway that's it for now... just a quick hit of nostalgia I wanted to share with you.