Monday, March 2, 2015

A quick hit of nostalgia…

Hi all, 

This is not the next post I was hoping to make but one that just came to me on the fly. 

I just opened a package from an auction I won on eBay and it had some of Prince Ulther's Dragon company troopers in it.... Great figures but nothing too exciting...

There is one interesting thing about them though ...take note of the bases these guys came with… 

BOOM!!  Nostalgia moment...

I hate to be a snob (though...if "the shoe fits..." And all that...)

...but if you're really an "Oldhammer" OG you'll know where these come from.

I used these bases all the time back in the day... In fact I think I still have a few of my original Dragon Company figures mounted on them…But It's not something you see very often these days.

Anyway that's it for now... just a quick hit of nostalgia I wanted to share with you.




  1. I have a love hate relationship with these bases. I thought the idea behind them was so you could remove individuals as casualties or go off on their own. But that doesn't quite work because you can't take the little base off the main base without removing the trooper, so I couldn't glue the troopers to the base. My Harboth archers (still not glue to their bases) wobble across the battlefield with the odd Orc or two falling off his base now and then. It also makes it a bit of a chore to remove a single casualty.

    So I guess all they are good for is to help with aligning the troops, was that the original intent? Or were they really intended to let you split troops off individually?

    1. My suspicion is the later but someone didn't quite think it through enough. If it were just for ease of positioning on the base the why not make single bases like this?

  2. Nostalgia indeed. The silly story on the back of the box was another one of mine. I named them the Dragon Company after the tiny dragon on top of the standard.