Thursday, October 24, 2019

Chaos Renegade...Squad 3...numbers 6 and 7

Hi all,

After a marathon of Puff and Slash dwarf painting (much more about this to come) I decided to take a brief break from that and finished up two additional Renegade Marines for the 3rd squad.

The first of these is one of those crazy bright paint jobs that I love to explore with the Renegade models....the second is much more subdued.

This one is one of the Heavy Weapons marines that is rocking a wicked cool visor...which became a bit of a hang up for me in the painting process.  I had had the majority of this figure painted for several months...just the visor was holding me up.  But after chatting with some talented folks I'm lucky enough to know, I developed a plan for conquering the visor and I dove in!  In the end it was fairly straight forward and not as complicated as I had feared.

So here he is...Heavy weapon number two for this squad and trooper number 6.

Trooper 7 was my actual palette cleanser after the dwarf marathon (lololol...the idea of an actual dwarf marathon makes me laugh)...I took a much more subdued color choices with this guy.  I like this model but it has some very soft casting details in places that was hard to overcome in a satisfactory manner. anyway I think he turned out "ok" but he is not my favorite of the bunch.

Here is melta-gun armed trooper 7

And here is Squad 3 current status...just three left to do!!!

(I think the Orange guy steals the focus of the group!!)

Next up will be a series of posts about the individual units of the dwarf army.... with banners!!




  1. It's a great unit, I'll have to do a squad or two to catch up now ^^'

    1. Thanks JB...also appreciate your help with the visor.

  2. I think this whole project is mind blowing. You never cease to surprise me with these colours. Truly fascinating.
    (Oh, and right, a Dwarf marathon is something worth of seeing!)