Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Ewal Dvergar Boar Riders...Part II

Here I am back with with a quick post about some more Ewal Dvergar Boar riders that I have completed.  I had some time so cranked out two more of these lovelies.

Once again I opted to use a selection of different bits.  The red guy pulling the classic Jess Goodwin YMCA pose actually has a head that was supplied with the amazing "Ass Cannon" crew...also sculpted by John Pickford and sold by Oldschool Miniatures.  He is also mounted on a Marauder Boar.

The Yellow rider is made of straight Ewal Dvergar bits provided by Clam with this set of troops and he is mounted on another of the excellent Pickford boars.  Once again I can't say how much I like these boars...they are simply superb!

Here are the individual shots of the two...


And here they are with the other two, already completed, boar riders from last month.

Cheers for now!



  1. Really love the colors of the armor. Great job with the yellow guy. Can't wait to smash them in November!

  2. These are totes adorbs! Can't wait to either Ally or smash them in NOvember either. ;) So what's that 3 posts in like two weeks....are you blogging again bro???? LOL

  3. Pretty sweet Blue. How big is your Chaos Dwarf force now?

  4. You sir, are the ambassador of 3rd edition style chaos dwarfs! Always inspiring and perfectly detailed! Keep them coming

  5. Very cool - they look cute, but strangely deadly!

  6. You did a stunning job, Blue. Love everything about them - and will have to add them to the blog/paint gallery.

  7. Ohh, and will you be adding shields to them? And if so, will it be the MM shields?