Sunday, April 6, 2014

"...And There was Much Rejoicing!!" A Trifecta of Collecting Goals Achieved in a Single Day!

Well...this was quite a day on the collecting front for me.  As I get closer and closer to achieving my collecting goals, checking off major "accomplishments" in this quest is becoming  less frequent and more difficult.  And that's why today was an "Blog Post Worthy Day."  As the Title of this post suggests today I was able to finally check off no less that three of my major collecting goals!

Lets take a look.

The first I alluded to in a post on the Oldhammer Forum....It is one of few Reference Books I did not have in my collection...

What is that in there?  It sure is well packed!

Thats Right...I finally have my own copy of Lost and the Damned!  Finding this tome at a fairly reasonable price has proven very difficult and I have been on the look out for more than a year be fore this one crossed my path.  Its not in mint condition...most of the cover corners are a little dinged up...and one looks pretty rough...

But....the spine is tight and there doesn't appear to be any writing inside.  The slightly worn condition doesn't really bother me at long as the wonderful artwork and information inside is intact I'm a happy man.

The other two items arrived in the same package...and I was so excited to open this padded envelop from the other side of the pond.

Inside was a well packaged plastic container that was just over flowing with goodness!

Once I teased out all the individual pieces here is what we had...Lets look at the one with the arrow first!

Un-wrapping that bubble wrap revealed allowed me to check off another goal!  Here is what I found inside.

...So now...I know your thinking:
                   "uhhhh...Blue...dude...thats just a Marauder Boar Rider!  What's the big deal?"

Well...if you have had the chance look through any of my recent sale threads on the forums you may had had the opportunity to look through the photobucket album of catalog pages of figures I'm looking for.  If you did have that chance you have seen this catalog page for more than two years...

Yay!  This was the last one!  I have finally finished this entire range! This was one of the first ranges I started collecting...and it has been one of the longest to complete.

The third and final of my collecting goals that was fulfilled today is one of the absolute best models produced by Citadel in the "classic period" IMO.  Lets see if you can figure out what it is as I open the packages.

Those who have this model already have probably figured it out....the next one should eliminate any doubts...

YAY!  the High Elf Attack Chariot!  and it is complete and Pristine!

All that its missing is the box...

So...the "wants" list continues to shrink! long as I can keep to adding to it...:)  Thanks for reading and coming along to see the latest additions to my ever expanding lead mountain!






  1. Super trio of acquisitions! I would love to see you paint up the chariot - I've wanted one ever since Mike McVey included one in his wood elf army in White Dwarf...still not got round to picking one up!

  2. Congrats for the book!

    I got mine like 3 years ago and it was bit more worn but I was still superhappy to finally have this piece of history under my roof ;)

    - Demi -

  3. Congratulations, Blue. I don't understand your excitement about these boars, but as Axiom, McVey's version of the chariot makes me want to find one too ^^

  4. Nice haul! I'm attending a local con at the end of the month and am hoping the bring&buy will offer up some miniature gold.

  5. I hate you Blue !!! I've been after that chariot ever since I got back in to the hobby. Its pretty much the holy grail for me, and to see one in such great condition. Will look forward to you painting it up. Are you going for the classic white colour scheme or do you have something else in mind.

  6. Congratulations.
    The Chariot is a lovely model; collecting the Boar Riders is quite an achievment; and the Lost and the Damned is a great read with beautiful artwork.

  7. Good haul!
    I remember when I first bought that RoC book at the store and got it home to read... there are bits of it that actually made me feel ill, queasy... I had to stop and take a breather a few times.
    Good times!

  8. I've been reading the RoC for 20 yeras now and am still enjoying it. I hope you get the same pleasure as we've all had !
    Congratulations on the collection completion. It is always very rewarding to "achieve" something in our hobby, be it varnishing a model, ticking the last model of a range or playing the last game of a campaign.
    I'm really looking forward to you take on th eelven chariot, it is a brilliant model and the aasoccitaion of Jes Goodwin's talent with yours is definitely something we will enjoy !

  9. Sweet. I understand the joy of ticking the last mini off the list. Quite the haul!

  10. that yet more elves. You've been corrupted.

    Congratulations, all essentials for a good collection I'd say. If you'd got the box I'd have been jealous. Now slap some paint on them.

  11. Ohhhhh- major hobby envy! The elf chariot is my short list of most-wants, as well. Congratulations on landing such a fine example- I really can't wait to see you get it all painted up. If you've never seen it, take a look at the example that is in the "Heroes for Wargaming" book. There is a several-page spread on one from the studio way back in the day- total work of art. Great haul, Blue!

  12. thanks all...

    ...time for a bit of a confession. I actually used to own the Elf Chariot...but when I started back into the hobby a number of years ago I was stupid enough to sell it. I've regretted it ever since have have been keeping my eyes peeled for a decent priced one. In the end I paid slightly more for my new one than I sold my old one for...but thats the price of stupidity!

    FYI I found my new one on the Oldhammer keep yours eyes open outside of ebay as well.