Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ewal Dvergar "Unit Shots"

Building on my last post which featured the Ewal Dvergar that I painted up for Round one of the LPL... here are a few pictures of all the Ewal Dvergar that I have painted up to now.  In total I have 9 of these fantastic figures painted (though a few are still missing shields) order to round out the unit to two nice ranks of 5 I have also included the MM90/WK conversion that I refer to as the "Green Knight"...though I've stuck him in the back rank.

While this isn't a huge unit its starting to look pretty good!  I had orginally thought that I would mix in Clam's sculpts with my MM90s to make a big after seeing these guys all together...I'm thinking I need two units :)  One of MM90s and one of Ewal Dvergar! are the pics.

And here are the rear rankers...(ewww...that sounds dirty!)

Lokking forward...this unit could use a few more bright next group of Dvergar must include some yellows, reds....and maybe a pink...8)

Cheers for now!



  1. Wow!! Looks great, Blue in VT! Brilliant sculpts and amazing paint-jobs! And yeah, one unit of the MM90's and the one of these Ewal Dvegar is going to be killa!

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  3. Can you paint mine ? These are seriously awesome as always and it has to be two units as there will be more coming . Lets see a purple one too .

  4. Looking great! You're giving me plenty of ideas for the colour scheme for my own evil dwarves.

  5. Very good minis.
    The sculpts are cool, but with your paintjob, it looks even better (the bright colors have a very oldschool feeling for me).

    So keep us showing your good work !

  6. Your work is nothing short of amazing. If your hadn't mentioned your conversion it could've passed as a mass production piece.
    Your unit appears cohesive even with the rainbow of colours; it's something I've never seen before. I think because of the consistent metallics/bone/hair. On top of it you've done it with multiple manufacturers.
    We have to somehow get a game in, I'm getting way ahead of myself; I've got 3k skaven to finish and base with your technique. I'm aching to lay paint on my gutter runners with your black tutorial as well.