Saturday, November 10, 2012

Chaos Dwarf....Unit shots

All right...just a quick post today....and not the something different I had promised in the las post...maybe next time...:)

While I had those wonderful Evil Dwarf figures on my painting table over the couple of weeks I also took the time to assess the condition of the rest of my painted CDs.  Since I had them all out I decided to snap a few quick pics showing them as a unit.  I took these pics with my iPhone so they are not top notch...but this phone takes decent pictures ( that an improbable sentence or what?  I must be showing my age!) are two shots of the Whole horde...this is MM90s, a few of the classic Citadel CDs, and few conversions by me, as well as a number of Ewal Dvergar from Clam's range.

And here is one shot that is all the MM90s I have painted so my two conversions...and one Ewal Dvergar just to even the ranks...and 1 citadel CD...but mostly MM90s!

I still have quite a few shields to add...and 6 more MM90s to add to this unit...but I'm getting there...slowly...

Cheers...have a great weekend all!



  1. It makes me weep tears of sweet joy to see such magnificence on my HD tablet.

    Excellent, as always...

  2. That is a seriously colourful unit. You must be very proud (I know I am!).

  3. You read my mind, I've been wondering what they would all look like together and it didn't disappoint.

    Absolutely Fanatastic!!!!

  4. It is absolutely wonderful to see ALL these evil stunties together. The colours are so vibrant, I can't focus on just one mini for too long, as another great mini catches my eye. Well done Blue.

  5. Send them over and we'll play a remote game with them ;)

  6. Nah, I don't like them... just kidding. ;) They are awesome! You havea style that is very distinctive, if only I could paint that neatly :(

  7. Hi, sorry for the random comment. I just wanted to let you know about a competition we're running at aimed at model makers and figurine painters. In a nutshell all we're asking to enter is to send a picture of your workspace to be in with a chance of winning a desktop paint and fume filter. Please see for full details - Thanks, Scott.

  8. That is a handsome horde of Dwarves, great job on all these guys! It's great to see all of them together and painted to a great standard!