Wednesday, October 31, 2012

White Knight Zweihander Sergeant

So they its been awhile since I've posted a figure I have been painting and their should be a number of painting related posts coming along in short order over the next couple of weeks.

To start things off I painted up a copy of the Sergeant figure for my unit of Zweihanders produced by White Knight.  This figure arrived just in time for the the October Painting Challenge over on Bugman's Brewery...the theme of which was "Beer"  Couldn't think of a better figure for this catagory....though if you have a look at the other entries you will see lots of great dwarfs enjoying their favorite beverage!  Check them out here: BEER!

Here he is

Nothing like a little "liquid courage" before you start swinging around a giant sword!

I'll try to get a picture together with the rest of the unit in the near future.




  1. This guy exudes classic goodness, even if he ain't 'classic' (at least not yet!). More peerless sable and acrylic manipulation, Blue!

  2. Wouldn't want to be standing in the same rank as him after he's finished that swift half!

    Cracking PJ as always Blue and more temptation towards things of a short variety...

  3. Great job Blue, can't wait to see him with the rest of the lads.