Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Happy Rogue Trader Day!

So just a quick post today....I want to show off some recent acquisitions...As some of you know I've been looking around of a copy of the Rogue Trader 40k rules for a couple of weeks...I had several offers from the other side of the pond but shipping proved prohibitive.  Finally I was approached by a member of the Warhammer-Empire Forum on this side of the world that had a slightly beat paper back copy that he was willing to part with for low money.  So I jumped at the chance and agreed to take it off his hands...he then mentioned that he would throw in a copy of the Rogue Trader Compilation for $5 ...and a hardback copy of the 3rd edition WFB for another $5.  I already have a vintage copy of the last...but for $5 how could I pass up another.

When I got back from my ETERNAL business trip I found a box with the following waiting on my desk...

....along with several other packages of goodness...which may be the topics of future blog posts.

Anyway this seemed like a good haul to me for $25 total.

Cheers for now.



  1. I too have been purchasing a few of the books from that era quite recently.

    When I first started gaming I just missed out on Rogue Trader and 3rd ed Fantasy by a very short period of time.

    It's nice to finally have them to read through and see both the similarities and differences to the rules that I cut my teeth on.

  2. Congrats on a good deal! I've ever and always loved the original RT for style and substance... it just feels so right.

  3. Great to hear Blue!!! Always nice to find a treasure at a bargain price. =)

  4. Jealousy consumes me its an ugly thing.

  5. Thanks I just need to add physical copies of the Relam of Chaos Books and I'll be all set. I'm not really holding my breath on those though...not at low money anyway!

    1. They were probably two of the greatest bargains I've found recently...

      Slaves to Darkness on Ebay for £30.00 and a friend sold me an unwanted copy of Lost and the Damned for £10.00...

      I've seen Slaves to Darkness go for low amounts frequently on Ebay, unfortunately Lost and the Damned is another matter entirely.