Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Oldhammer in the NW prep...part 3

Time for another quick update on my preparations for this weekends event in Baltimore. I have completed the basing on the Warhammer regiments dwarves and I'm about halfway done with the remainder of the figures in need.  Here is a picture of them made process.

I have also started to get some paint on the bugman's shields, and the clansmen standardbearer is about halfway done as well.

I'm still feeling very stuck for time to get all of these tasks accomplished but as Erny recommended I'll just get as many done as I can and hope for the best.

Oh well better get back to it!




  1. This reminds me of how lot sof us were in the same situation before BOYL14, having to paint so much models, writing so much stuff and all for so much games...
    Once you'll be there though, you will undoubtedly forget all about that and will just enjoy the tremendous fun ! That's what I'm wishing you all really ! You'll have plenty of time to rest after that while looking at the pics of the WE to share them with us ;).

  2. More painting, less posting! They look great, though, and I'm so looking forward to the outbreak of blogging afterwards.