Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Oldhammer in the NW Prep...Part 2 Progress

Howdy all,

Just a quick note to post some progress on my goal of bringing my old units up to snuff for the coming weekend.

I've started with the biggest task which is rebasing about 50 figures.  To that end I replaced all the old green or otherwise painted bases and got busy getting sand glued to each and every one of them.  That happened last night.  Along with the bases I also chose the shields I will use for the Bugman's unit and the few I need for my Warhammer Regiments dwarfs.  These have now been primed...as has the standard bearer for the Clansmen unit.

Here is the group getting rebased and you can see the many shields I have mounted to a painting "handle"

I have also carefully removed the banners from the Pike Regiment and the Rangers Unit and I will try to do a little clean up and repair on those before reattaching them.

So all in all progress is good...but the bases are still very intimdating to finish in time.  I will put in a couple more long evenings on them tonight and tomorrow...but it wouldn't suprise me if I was still putting static grass on these on Friday night in the hotel room!

Cheers for now,



  1. Great stuff they are coming along very nicely indeed, looking forward to seeing them with the final finish!

  2. "but it wouldn't suprise me if I was still putting static grass on these on Friday night in the hotel room!"

    And then falling asleep an hour after you actually start playing. We've all been there! :-)

  3. Well work changed up on me (cause I am in training now) so I can not miss time right now. So I get to leave Friday at 5. So all of my stuff had better be done by then! The youngest boy is painting his warband like a fiend right now. Can't wait to see your stuff BlueinVt!

  4. Looks splendid Blue !
    If the event'eve is not enough you can still flock the bases while playing, as long as they're finished by the end of the game, noone wil ever dare say a word !.

    A consistent basing is a major key to a kick-ass looking army, add some lovely model as yours and you're good.

  5. Don't kill yourself, get the bases close to what you want and static grass them another day. Your army looks awesome whatever.