Thursday, October 30, 2014

Oldhammer in the New World: Blue's View...Day 1

Well, its Wednesday night and I finally feel ready to review the weekends events in detail....the drive home sucked and I'm only now feeling human again.

As previously mentioned I arrived in Baltimore around 7:30 ion Friday and met up with Tom (AirborneGrove) and Don (Thefan) at DropZone Games to help set-up.  Soon Rusty and Richard (OrcLord) showed up with the main tables and we had our hands full bringing in the supplies for the RoC Warbands and Siege Games.  But we could only get so far before DropZone closed for the night.

As I understand it the crew staying at the Days Inn (You know who you are!) might have had a bit to drink and stayed up half the night talking.  I on the other hand was back in my hotel room by 10 and finished up a few things on my army then sacked out...the 9 hour drive had caught up to me.

Saturday morning I loaded up and was at DropZone by 9am.  Caught up with the same crew from the previous night and also finally got to meet Blake and Kyle in person as well.  We all got busy setting up tables...Don set up his 3D Space Hulk table...We all Chipped in helping Richard with the enormous mass of troops for his spectacular siege game...and the rest of the terrain was added to the Warbands table.

As the morning wore on more and more folks arrived and soon the place had more than 20 Oldhammerers shooting the lead...ogling the siege game and other tables and generally having a good old time. During this time Chris (Darrin Stephens) Showed up and set up his RT Demo game and soon the dice were flying.

Richard, Don, Andy, Gary and anyone who could be persuaded to roll some dice stopped by the Siege game that pitted a truly epic Greenskin horde attempting the clear the heavily defended Empire earthworks in front of the city wall they hopped to take.   The number and quality of miniatures on this table was truly mind blowing.  Lets look at some pictures!

Gary moving some of the Empire Forces.
A gorgeously painted Asgard giant stomps through the Green Horde
The Empire field defenses
the Green Skin Horde!!!
Richard makes sure everything is getting its chance to fight.
Defenders of the Walls
Empire Knights...Plus Blake Falling asleep in the background! :)

Huge ass lizard thing!!!

They're Coming!!!!

Meanwhile the Warbands game got underway and the Chaos powers enjoyed their spectacle of battle on the amazing table that Rusty had assembled for the event.  Sadly this portion of the room had the worst lighting and I only got a few decent pictures.

Tom, Kyle, Blake and some other the Warbands table
Tom's Excellent Chaos Warband!
Guess Who is coming to dinner!?

At a third table Chris ran through his Rogue Trader Demo game and then helped to GM a pick up game.  These guys were really having a good time and the board and figures involved were all of the highest quality.

The Cult is Restless!
Watch out! Toxin Grenades!

Imperial Reinforcements advance
Personally I floated around and chatted and took pictures most of the day...I really wanted to meet everyone and keep tabs on all the games without getting tied to one particular table.  However once the Warbands game was over Tom, Kyle and I took over Don's wonderful 3d Space Hulk table and played through a number of scenarios...all of which ended with my Marines dying in humiliating ways.

By 6pm most everyone was worn out and we decided to shut down for the night. Folks floated off to various destinations but a core group of us headed out for dinner and drinks.  By the time we had finished our dinners I was starting to crash and headed to my hotel.  I think everyone was pretty beat by the travel to get there and the day full of excitement.

Back with Day two later!




  1. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Beautiful figures, great scenery and spectacular games - everything Oldhammer days seem to be built on!

  2. This is excellent, I can feel the atmosphere of BOYL14, great job guys, Can't wait for pics of day 2 !

  3. Ahh! The Oldhammer Weekend exhaustion! I know it well. Its always worse when you stay over night as you are tempted to stay up really late and booze it up. Sleep never comes easy as your mind is still buzzing!

    Despite a lack of sleep, your event looks spectacular. I am looking forwards to seeing more!

  4. Keep it coming, Blue - I'm having a sudden and unexpected hobby slump, and this is getting the old geeking juices flowing again. Looks fabulous! Do you know how those grenade effects were made?

  5. Oh yeah, that's some tasty Oldhammer right there. Great pics!

  6. Good stuff, wow boyl14 was only 2 months ago but it feels so much longer after seeing your fun at the US event.

  7. That siege table is epic! Thanks for sharing ans looking forward to the next installment.

  8. Very cool. That siege game reminds me of something...

    Looking nforward to seeing day two, say your dwarves got a game Blue!

  9. I have quite a few pics of my end of the warband table. Will be posting a battle report or two very soon!
    Blue did an excellent job recapping and since he has all the overview photos I won't bore you guys with a repost!
    I will just say I had a blast visiting and gaming all weekend. Can't wait for next year, wish we all didn't live 10 hours from each other!!!!

  10. Yeah, that siege game looked huge! I like to look of the RT setup too, inspirational.

    Thanks for taking some excellent photo's of the event Blue :)


  11. Awesome, inspiring stuff.
    So great to see you guys living the dream