Sunday, October 5, 2014

Ok. It's official...I have a serious problem!

I was cleaning out my hobby closet this afternoon.  When I receive a package of minis I usually take out the goods and throw the box in this closet in case I want to use it to ship somethjng out in the future.  Well.... when the closet got too
full to use for anything else I decided to purge some boxes...this is the pile
Of broken down boxes....holy shit!  I have a serious issue here! :)

...and this doesn't include padded envelops!  Or boxes that I did reuse...this is crazy...

"Hello!  My name is Blue and I have a lead addiction"




  1. At least you attempt to hide your shame, all my boxes just go in a pile behind my chair... it's a big pile :s

  2. I put myself on a mini purchasing ban about a year ago now. It's not that hard really, once you stop collecting, it forces you to pay more attention to the minis you already have.

    I've got a tonne of minis too Blue, more than enough to keep me busy for the rest of my life I should think.

    Cheers :)

  3. Excellent, I did that just a week ago ! I keep all the boxes in the garage because I generally empty them right when I get them from the mailbox so I can put them in Acetone the minute I get them. When I realised how many empty boxes I had to take to the bin, I was ashamed too...

    The one is right, a purchasing ban can be done, I managed to last 6 months last time I tried... Should start again...

    We're all on the same boat here, don't worry ;)

  4. Purchasing ban lasted about 6 weeks.......but I'm now more in control and resisting where I would normally jump in. My hobby area is full of used jiffy bags....really need to chuck them out but a number have unmarked stamps on so can be re-used...that was what started me keeping them.............

  5. Lalalalalala! I can't hear you! OK, maybe just a bit....

  6. Maybe time for an intervention lol

  7. i think we're all like that innit :d