Monday, March 11, 2013

Batch Painting Update and MORE!

Greeting all.  Time for a bit of an update.  The long slog thru my group of 36 minis continues...I'm happy to report that I put the finishing touches on 10 of them last night.  The rest are a few good long painting sessions away from being complete.  And while I can't show you the whole lot of finished archers here are a selection of 3 that I used for my latest entry in the Brush Slave League over on CDO.  These will give you a good idea what the rest of the unit looks like.

I think they came out quite I saving time by painting so many at a time? ....the jury is still out on that.  I will certainly work on smaller groups in the future...maybe 10-15 models at a time.

I will probably have to pause on the the rest of the big batch I have been working on and shift gears to working on a small unit of Bret spearman (10-16 strong) that I have committed to completing before the end of March for the Unit painting Challenge over on Bugman's Brewery...I run the contest so it will be embarrassing if I don't have a unit to submit!  Luckily I'll be able to follow the progress of that unit a bit more closely with blog posts so I will (hopefully) be posting a bit more frequently going forward.

On another front I recently received some new Puff and Slash goodness from Lead Adventure Miniatures (LAM).  The latest Brugelburg release from LAM included a few Arquibusiers that I had to add to my collection.  Sadly there are only four sculpts at this point...not nearly enough to make an independent I ordered them on the hopes that I could mix them in with my current unit of handgunners which is made up of the Empire figures that were released at the tail end of the 3rd edition.  These are also excellent figures but they could use a bit more diversity of sculpts...particularly in firing poses.  Luckily the LAM release includes 3 unique firing poses.  Much to my joy when I mixed them in they look right at home.  The LAM boys are a tad stockier and more elaboratly decorated but I think they will blend in nicely when the unit is painted up.

Here is the before unit picture

Obviously I need to convert that damaged Halberd into a standard...

And here it is with the LAM gunners mixed in

And here are a few side by side photos of the individual figures (alternating between citadel and LAM)

Really fantastic figures all around...the Brugelburg forces just keep getting better and better.

Other than that my hobby time has been mostly adsorbed with buying/selling and trading little hunks of lead!  Its been a busy month or so with lots of small packages coming and going to all parts of the world.  I'm getting really close to reaching my initial collecting goals...just trying to plug the last few gaps in some units and am now focusing on the details likes identifying and procuring shields and bases for all my units.  Also since we are having a brief warm spell here in the NE US I've been getting a lot of figures primed and ready to paint.

So...that's whats happening in my slice of the Hobby world....more soon!


  1. Good evening,
    I find it's a very beautiful paint ! Congratulation !


  2. The archers are looking fab - hang in there!

    Good luck with the last few bits you're after.