Thursday, March 14, 2013

Batch Painting II Part 2 Bret Spearman

Alright! last night I got base color on all the metal areas (bolt gun metal) as well as a brown base color (VMC Chocolate brown) on all leather, wood, and Gold areas.

The pressure is really on with these guys....the contest that I am entering them in closes at the end of the I need to average 1 figure a day right up to the end....its going to be close!  Tonight I'll start to get the base colors on the cloth areas.  I will be using the same Blue and Green as you saw on the Bret archers...but I'm still trying to decide what the tertiary color should be.  So far I have used yellow/tan, orange, and grey as my third colors....what else would you suggest? A faded red?  Some sort of purple? hmmmm better make my mind up quick!

Wish me luck!




  1. I have a nice blue/grey mix I use as a tertiary colour on medieval types, though certain reds would look great.

  2. You can do it Blue!

    How about a nice terracotta type red?

  3. Good luck! (Not that you'll need it!)

  4. It's good to know that at least this point mine look as good as yours, even if mine don't get much further.

    Faded red, terracotta as Thants said.

    Good luck.