Sunday, February 24, 2013


While I still slave away in my giant batch of figures... (they are starting to look pretty good...but they ain't done yet...sigh)... I want to take a moment to show some pictures of a really cool figure I just received.  I think that many of you have seen examples around on the internet of Crooked Claw Miniatures Goblins...if you haven't then go check them out HERE ...When they showed off a new Goblin catapult a few weeks ago I knew I had to have it.  Plus the price was very reasonable.

Crooked Claw Goblin Stone Thrower
 I think that Crooked Claw is one of a small number of miniatures figure companies that are making new figures with the "oldhammer flavor"...and a nod to the Golden era of Citadel miniatures...much like White Knight's excellent Dwarfs/Goblins/Halflings (HERE).  The fact that Kevin Adam's is sculpting this range makes the quality of the work undeniably great...and this piece certainly lives up to that expectation

As you can see the set comes with a good sized stone thrower that is fronted by an wonderfully detailed and characterful "face plate" ...and three crew members as well as a small wind indicating flag.  The face plate certainly harkens back to the wonderful sculpting on classic Citadel war machines like the Lead Belcher and the Man Mangler both of which also sported excellent "face plates"
That's gonna be fun to paint.

 The wooden structure of the weapon is also covered with excellent little details.  Many of these details are reminiscent of the other classic greenskin war machine the "Skull Crusher" which was covered with similar faces.
As you can see here mine is held together with poster tack for now

Even the business end of the throwing arm has been given the "Kev Adams Treatment"  Check out this face?

I don't often say that I'm excited to paint a warmachine...they are usually rather dull to paint...but this one is going to be a blast!  The hard part is going to be trying to decide what approach to take for painting all the faces on this wonderful sculpt.

The crew is also very characterful...particularly the commander...he is fantastic.

 Anyway...if you need another piece of machinery for your Greenskin Horde...and you want a new take on the stone thrower that has a classic feel with new embellishment should check out Crooked Claw.




  1. This is definitely on the to buy list - even before seeing all the other detail in your pics.

    The chariots are looking rather tasty too...

  2. That's a really nice "oldschool" model!

  3. With face plates I used to be of the opinion, tone it down, how could a bunch of goblins have a bright green war machine. I painted the face plates in a dull bronze colour and though it most appropriate.

    Now I think embrace the crazyness, they are there to be enjoyed get them painted bright and vibrant. Green is good, so is red.

  4. I must admit that this piece has me frothing like a loon. Love old-school Citadel ARTY pieces and this captures that vibe 100 per cent! Can't wait to see it after you've 'slapped' some acrylic on it.

  5. I coudn't resist it either, got some nice gobbos too. Any thought on the face plate colour yet?

  6. My brother is getting one of these and he is determined to paint the "face plate" red. He suspects it is just the pelt of a squig, stretched out and tanned in the sun to make a hard carapace shield for the warmachine.

  7. I love this model so much lovely details and the goblin crew are truly excellent. Can't wait to see a painted version!

  8. I've been eyeing this since it was released. Looks great! I agree with those who say go colourful on the faces!

  9. These guys look great. I've got a few of the goblins and the chariot, but your photos have convinced me to put in another order for the catapult!

  10. I have placed a big order.

    Tomorrow will be two weeks ago. I even have not the tracking number, and the e-mailing is extremely slow and without clear answers.

    My feelings is that this company is too non-professional...

    Can you tell me how long took your order to arrive?

    When my minis arrive I´ll return here to tell it.