Monday, June 6, 2011

Finally...My first Painted WK dwarfs!

Yes...I can actually get some painting done...when I can find some free time!  This weekend I found the time...I managed to get two of WK's pike dwarfs finished up as well as one of the Marauder sculpts for comparison.  As is often the case I wasn't so sure about these paint jobs until I had them all based up and really "done" now I am quite happy with them and can't wait to get a few more knocked out.  Without further they are...first solo and then with the Marauder pike as well.

As you can see they really are a perfect match...size and style-wise...with the fact I have all kinds of new ideas about my old units....and new units!


  1. Excellent start Chris. Certainly worth waiting for. Will be looking much forward following this project of yours. WK's Dwarfs are some of the most interesting dwarfs released in a very long time, and seeing them painted with such talent and beauty lift them up where they belong. Awesome, Chris - no please do more :-P Cheers Carsten

  2. I love them! But then I would, wouldn't I? ;)
    Seriously though, these are wonderful vibrant colours that suit the models very well!