Thursday, June 9, 2011

Front Ranker weapon choices

The next set of Dwarfs that WK will be releasing will include four front rank poses.  Only 2 of these designs have been pre-cast at this time but I was quite excited when WK included them in the package he sent me because they are some of my favorite poses that he has commissioned to date.  Like the last set these have a variety of plug in weapons that allow for a lot of variability...however unlike the previous models they don't have head options.  That said the sculpts are fantastic and the poses are quite dynamic and interesting...these guys look like they are ready for action.  Here are close ups of the two poses.

And here are the sculpts with most of the weapon options...somehow I managed to forget to include the handgun option in the Photo....DOH!  And now our camera seems to be on the you'll have to trust me (or look at WKs blog) that there is a hand gun option as well.

In case it is unclear...the one on the left is a sword and shield combo.  For my two figures I opted to go with the Pike for one and the Sword and Shield for the other.  Both Plug-ins fit very well and glued up easily with no gap filling needed.

I should also mention that the weapons that John P. and WK came up for these guys have the added advantage of fitting the already existing Marauder plug-in dwarfs.  This is a wonderful bonus because almost everyone who has been collecting Marauder Dwarfs for awhile have a few of those figure with no weapons....a front rank of dwarfs with stumps for weapons fails to intimidate many enemies...:)

Coming Next....
I'm about 1/2 way through painting these two guys as well as the dwarf with the sword and the one with the hand gun from the previous release.  I hope to have pics up by the weekend...if I can get my camera to co-operate.

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  1. I'm certainly looking forward seeing these painted. As the crossbow is my favourite, I would have hoped you went for that combo, but it's you call, of course.